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Driver vs. Company Liability in a Big Rig Accident

Accidents involving a big rig, delivery truck, or any other commercial vehicle are incredibly complex. It can be incredibly challenging to determine whether the truck driver or the trucking company is financially responsible for the resultant damages. Suppose you or someone close to you is injured or killed in a Chicago truck accident. You can …

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What Is Considered A Frivolous Personal Injury Lawsuit?

We constantly get to learn about claims of frivolous lawsuits on the news and in the media. As common as it might be, nobody ever stops to explain what exactly a frivolous lawsuit is. In simple terms, a frivolous lawsuit is a claim with no chance of proceeding due to a lack of legal merit. …

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Low Impact Car Collisions Can Lead To Serious Injuries

Not all traffic collisions happen as a result of driving at high speeds. For example, speed is not a factor in 75% of all fatal motor incidents. However, even slight collisions have the potential to cause significant injury to the occupants. All car accidents, including the minor ones with slight property damage, can be frightening.  …

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Car accidents are extremely scary and can be followed by a lot of confusion. If another person caused the accident and you got injured, driving off makes things worse. Chances that this incident was caught on camera are high.  If the accident happens on business premises, at home, or where a police dashcam captured it, …

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Determining The Foreseeability Of Harm

The law assumes that a person who causes harm and is of sound mind should have foreseen that his or her actions will result in harming the next person.  The concept of foreseeability places liability on a defendant whose actions lead to harming another person. Foreseeability is a difficult concept but one which the law …

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