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Defending Against Solicitation Charges in Chicago, Illinois

This post is the first in my series regarding things to know when you are arrested for solicitation or prostitution in Illinois. Solicitation is offering to perform any sexual act in exchange for money property or any other thing of value. You can be charged with solicitation even if you never actually perform a sex …

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Fighting Domestic Violence Charges in Chicago, Illinois – Series Wrap-up

This is my last post regarding what to expect when facing a domestic violence case in Chicago. My last post discussed your right to self-defense in domestic situations and the ways your attorney will aid you in mounting such a defense at trial. The series also discussed reasons why Illinois residents may find themselves facing …

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Claiming Self Defense In A Chicago Domestic Violence Case

This is my fourth post in my series on defending yourself against domestic violence allegations in Chicago courtrooms. My last post discussed defending against false claims of domestic abuse. As with many crimes of violence, you may have a claim of self-defense if you did not instigate the physical altercation. However, making a self-defense claim …

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Defending Against False Domestic Violence Allegations in Chicago, Illinois

This is my third post in my continuing series on defending against domestic assault charges in Chicago. My last post covered the process one faces with domestic violence charges. Many people find their lives entirely disrupted by allegations from an intimate partner. Police arrive, parents are separated from children and criminal protective orders prevent any …

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The Process Chicago Residents Face After Arrest For Domestic Violence

This is the second post in my series of regarding arrests for domestic violence and issues which arise in court. My last post gave a general overview of what to expect upon arrest. This article will explain the process which Chicago residents may expect after being arrested for such an offense. Once you are charged …

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