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Orland Park Criminal Defense Attorney

Michael is a criminal lawyer who handles cases of all types. Matters handled in our office range from misdemeanors and drug cases to DUI charges to federal criminal charges. He also handles traffic cases, violent crimes, and other types of criminal cases. We are ready to help you, whatever the situation that you face. We can also assist you if you require the services of a Chicago personal injury lawyer.


Nothing is more important in life than your freedom. Being arrested and charged with a crime puts your freedom at risk. It is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal lawyer immediately if you find yourself in such a situation. Michael J. Brennan is a criminal lawyer serving Orland Park and Chicago with more than thirty years of legal experience. A former prosecutor, Michael has spent extensive time in courtrooms, presenting cases to juries, and ensuring that the rights of his clients are protected. He prides himself on providing a high level of representation while simultaneously providing quality service. While aggressively representing clients Mr. Brennan also promptly returns phone calls, makes himself available to answer questions, and ensures that his clients know what to expect as their cases move forward. If you have been charged then your future is at stake. Do not risk that future to lesser experienced counsel. Contact our Orland Park office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Being arrested is terrifying. You likely do not know what will happen next, what the future will hold, or what you should do going forward. You may be facing criminal charges involving violent crimes, white-collar offenses, and you may be facing a felony. Our lawyer is ready to assist you in such matters and strives to provide aggressive representation. Our firm is based on the idea that everyone is entitled to their day in Court, that everyone is entitled to the highest level of respect, and that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Once retained Michael will immediately begin work on your case. This will include obtaining police reports, arrest reports, and other necessary evidence. If necessary we will hire an investigator and visit the scene of the incident to gather additional facts so that a defense can be built on your behalf. Your case will be handled by your attorney and you will deal with him directly. Contact us online or by telephone.

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