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One cannot go long without hearing about “hacking” activity in the daily news. Computer and internet crimes are on the rise and such matters are being increasingly targeted by prosecutors. If you have been charged in such a case then you are likely facing federal charges as well as allegations brought by the state of Illinois. Our Chicago criminal defense lawyer deals with such matters throughout the state. Contact our Orland Park office today to speak with an attorney.


Cyber crimes come in a variety of forms. Such matters will often be charged as a felony and will often lead to federal criminal charges. Typical offenses include phishing scams, illegally accessing someone’s online information (such as bank accounts, social media accounts, etc.), online corporate espionage, hacking into private systems, and online blackmail. Patterns of conduct will lead to multiple accounts. If, for example, a defendant accessed someone else’s email five different times then they would face five criminal counts – one for each instance. Such charges are typically brought in conjunction with cases of fraud. One convicted by the U.S. Government will be sentenced in accordance with the federal sentencing guidelines.

One charged with a cyber crime will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty after an initial arraignment. Your attorney will need to file any necessary Motions after your plea is entered. Quite often, in computer related offenses, evidence was acquired by law enforcement through illegal searches of computers, tablets, or cell phones. It may be possible to keep such evidence out of Court through filing a Motion to Suppress such information. Also, such matters often require the use of expert witnesses to explain to a jury the various technical issues involved in such a defense. Defendants will be able to designate their own expert witnesses in order to argue that the crime did not happen in a way claimed by the prosecution. Finally, if the case goes to trial, it is crucial that your counsel be able to explain complicated issues to a jury in a way which they will understand. Hiring the right lawyer, therefore, is crucial.

Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago criminal defense lawyer with over thirty years of experience. A former prosecutor, Michael is one who takes a methodical approach and can see a complicated case through to completion. Once retained he will immediately file to exclude any evidence which was unlawfully seized or acquired by law enforcement. He will retain the necessary experts so that your case may adequately be presented to the jury. Most importantly, Michael has taken many cases to trial and is proud of his ability to present a case to the jury. Do not risk your future to a lesser experienced attorney. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation

You will undoubtedly have questions as your case progresses. Michael makes staying in contact with his clients a priority. He regularly provides people with his cell phone number, promptly responds to emails, and makes himself available to answer your questions. Our lawyer prides himself on providing a level of service not common in many other law firms. This is our promise to each of our clients.

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