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When you have been charged with a drug-related crime you need an experienced drug lawyer. It may be true that America’s attitude towards certain drugs is slowly changing. The fact of the matter, however, is that narcotic related offenses remain highly enforced in Chicago and Illinois as a whole. Those who have been charged face serious consequences such as incarceration, financial penalties, a permanent criminal record, and potentially having to register as a felon. If you find yourself facing such a situation then you should retain a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Our Chicago drug lawyer handles state and federal cases in Cook County and in other Illinois areas. Contact our Orland Park office today to schedule an initial consultation for your drug crime case.

Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago drug lawyer handling cases which involve methamphetamine, prescription medications, marijuana, and other narcotics. Once retained he will immediately file any appropriate requests to exclude evidence which was collected in violation of the Fourth Amendment. This can include the drugs themselves, cell phone information, recordings of conversations, etc. If there is a legitimate dispute over whether you actually possessed the drugs then he will make sure the case is properly presented to the jury. Our attorney understands the gravity of such situations and he will provide you with the highest level of representation. Contact our office today. Alternatively, if you were prescribed a medication or a pharmaceutical drug that caused you to develop health problems, serious side effects, or injured you in some way, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. Contact Michael to review your drug injury today.


Both the state of Illinois and the federal government take a harsh stance against drug crimes. Common charges include drug possession, drug trafficking, marijuana charges, and crimes related to prescription drugs. Depending on the situation you may be charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or you may be facing federal criminal charges. Issues which are common in each of these settings include the fact that law enforcement officials often seize the drugs through violations of one’s search and seizure rights. Other common issues include whether the defendant actually possessed or controlled the drugs in question. If you are facing narcotic related charges then it is crucial that you contact an attorney.


Michael has over thirty years of legal experience and is a former prosecutor for the State’s Attorney’s office. While in government he primarily handled prosecutions related to gang and drug issues. This experience gave him an understanding of what to expect in such matters, of tactics typically used by law enforcement, and as to how jurors see such cases. He brings this level of experience to each and every case he handles while striving to provide the highest level of service. Contact our office today by calling (312) 379-9270 or sending an email through the form on our contact page.

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