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A felony conviction can ruin your life in many ways. You may be required to serve a lengthy prison sentence, to remain under supervision once released, to pay substantial fines, and you will likely find yourself disqualified from many job opportunities. If you are facing such charges then it is crucial that you immediately contact an attorney so that work on your case may begin. Our Orland Park felony lawyer assists defendants throughout Cook County whose future is at risk. Contact our Orland Park office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Felony Charges and Offenses

Felonies are the most serious level of crime and can result in lifetime incarceration. Such matters are handled in the Circuit Court. If certain aggravating factors are present then the maximum sentence of a felony may be increased by what is known as an “extended term.” The aggravating factors which increase a felony sentence may include prior criminal conduct by the defendant, whether the case involved a hate crime, or whether the victim was over the age of sixty. A Class “X” felony is the most serious offenses and is punishable by a term of six to thirty years or thirty to sixty if extended. Class 1 felonies are punishable by four to fifteen years in prison or by 15-30 if extended. Class 2 felony defendants face a sentence of three to seven years (seven to fourteen if extended) while Class 3 felonies carry a range of 2-5 years and 5-10 if extended. Class 4 felonies range from one to three years in prison or 5-10 if extended.

The first step in a felony matter is to attend the arraignment at which the defendant will plead guilty or not guilty. After the arraignment you will either face a preliminary hearing or be indicted. These procedures are meant to ensure that the prosecution has sufficient evidence to bring the charges. If it is found that sufficient evidence exists then a trial will be scheduled. Illinois defendants may invoke the right to a speedy trial and, if they choose to do so, the case will go to a jury within 120 days if the defendant is in custody or 180 days if the accused is not in custody.

Effective Defense Against Various Felony Charges

Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago criminal defense attorney representing those accused in cases involving violent crimes, burglary, drug charges, as well as other offenses. Once retained Michael will immediately acquire the police reports, witness statements, and other items known as “discovery” so that he may identify issues to immediately pursue. If your Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights were violated by police then will file a Motion to Suppress any illegally seized evidence from the case. Michael will visit the scene of the incident, hire an investigator if necessary, and ensure that your case is prepared for trial. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Michael is a former prosecutor in the State’s Attorney’s office and has been practicing law for over thirty years. Having tried many criminal cases, he brings a high level of experience to each and every case. Michael also stresses the idea of treating clients with respect. He promptly returns phone calls, quickly responds to emails, and makes himself available to answer questions. This is our promise to each and every client. Contact is today and we will make sure you know what to look for in a good criminal defense lawyer. It won’t take long before you realize that you have chosen the right lawyer to help you with your felony charges.

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