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Assault and Battery

Prosecutors aggressively pursue assault and battery charges. Unfortunately defendants sometimes find themselves facing such charges even though they were acting in self-defense or due to the police having identified the wrong person. In such a situation one may find themselves wrongly incarcerated, having a permanent criminal record, being stuck with the label of a violent offender, and being required to pay financial fines. If you are charged with assault, battery, or any other violent crime then it is crucial that you seek legal representation immediately to avoid a potential injustice. Our Chicago assault and battery lawyer handles such matters throughout Cook County and other Illinois areas. Call our Orland Park office to speak with an attorney.


It is illegal to forcefully strike someone or to place them in fear that such violence is about to occur. One does not need to severely beat a victim in order to be charged with assault and battery. Simply shoving someone, or other minor contact, may be enough to result in a prosecution. If the victim was a loved one or family member then the defendant will likely be charged with domestic violence. If the incident was a crime involving the use of a gun then additional charges will be added and the defendant will face enhanced penalties. Prosecutors take a “tough on crime” approach with such cases so it is crucial that you retain counsel as quickly as possible.

The first step in such a matter is for the defendant to enter a “not guilty” plea after being charged. Trial will be held within 120 days if the defendant is in custody and 180 days if one is not incarcerated, assuming the accused asserts their speedy trial rights. Trial will be held before a jury and afterwards a verdict will be entered. It is crucial that you retain a lawyer who is familiar with the process and who has experience in presenting facts to jurors.


Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago attorney defending felony charges of assault and battery as well as misdemeanor offenses. He will use your initial consultation to learn your version of events and determine what defenses you have available as well as whether law enforcement violated your rights. Michael will view the scene of the incident, hire an investigator if necessary, and file Motions with the Court to exclude illegally acquired evidence or statements. These may include statements taken in violation of one’s Fifth Amendment rights, evidence seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment, or eyewitness identifications made due to overly suggestive police procedures. Michael will ensure that you are prepared for trial, that all necessary witnesses are subpoenaed, and that you know what to expect from the process. A former prosecutor, our lawyer has presented many cases to juries and is ready to assist you. Contact us today.

Michael is a former State’s Attorney who has been practicing law for over thirty years. In his time as a prosecutor he took many cases to a jury trial. When presenting an assault and battery case to a Chicago jury it is important to ensure that jurors are given the whole story. This is why you need counsel experienced in presenting such matters.

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