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Joliet Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring An Attorney In Joliet Illinois

Whether you are in need of a good personal injury lawyer or criminal defense lawyer in Will County, The Law Offices of Michael J. Brennan in Joliet Illinois have been successfully helping clients for several decades.

Our law office has developed a stellar reputation. We provide our clients with professional and dependable legal services that they can rely on. At the Offices of Michael J. Brennan, our Joliet attorneys handle all types of personal injury and criminal defense cases.

What Kind Of Personal Injury Cases Do We Handle?

No person is ever prepared to meet with an accident; or suffer an injury that is caused by another person’s negligence. He or she is even less prepared for the kind of financial repercussions that can result from such injuries.

This is where our attorneys step in. Our Joliet personal injury attorneys have thirty years of experience handling personal injury cases resulting from damages. We cover a wide range of cases including:

We know that every personal injury case is unique. We will work hard to get you the result you deserve, bringing years of solid expertise and experience to each and every case. At The Law Offices of Michael J Brennan, we understand that a personal injury can be quite debilitating and therefore strive to be as accessible as possible.

Whether you live near Wedgewood Golf Course, Chicagoland Speedway, I-355 or anywhere in between, we are happy to come and meet you in your home. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can even come to Presence St Joseph Medical Center or Silver Cross Hospital if necessary.

Are You Seeking A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Joliet?

We know that there are many circumstances to be considered whenever someone is facing criminal charges. If you have been arrested for a crime, you need the very best Illinois legal representation as quickly as possible. A law firm that has the experience to understand the complexities of the Illinois legal system.

For three decades, the top-notch criminal defense attorneys at the Offices of Michael J. Brennan have been representing Joliet, Illinois residents, who have been charged with criminal offenses. We represent persons charged with:

When you need a good criminal defense lawyer; one that will work tirelessly to help you understand the charges against you, help you arrange bail, and spare no effort to get charges against you dismissed or minimized, The Law Offices of Michael J Brennan should be your first call. We provide free case evaluations and have a very successful track record for our clients.

Recent Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Cases In Joliet, Illinois

A good lawyer makes all the difference. These are just some examples of recent cases that have been handled in Joliet.

Unlawful Arrest And Excessive Force

An arrestee successfully sued three police officers, who arrested him for attempted larceny. The district court found that material questions of fact permeated the case. In particular, the officers did not have a warrant to enter the arrestee’s home. There were no exigent circumstances identified by the officers to justify their entrance.

There was the question of whether the arrestee’s father gave the officers consent to enter the house and that the officers used excessive force when arresting him.

Invalid Search Warrant

A judge has granted the defendant’s motion to quash a search warrant, as the evidence for the warrant was insufficient to suggest that there was unlawful possession or delivery of a controlled substance at the defendant’s described location. The allegations in the complaint for the search warrant were too general to establish a connection between the residence and evidence of criminal activity.

The allegations in the complaint were too generic and lacking, to which the officers who executed the search warrant could not have reasonably believed that the warrant was valid.

Medical Malpractice Suit IL

In the wrongful death medical malpractice action, damages of $500,000 for loss of society were awarded due to a physician’s negligent conduct. However, it has been appealed that this amount is inadequate due to the fact that the decedent was a devoted husband and father to several children.

The jury allocated damages between the hospital and the physician, but the matter has been taken back to court to determine a new level of compensation.

Damages Awarded For Wrongful Death And Bodily Injuries Sustained IL (H3)

In a wrongful death and negligence action filed against a deputy and the sheriff’s department after a fatal high-speed pursuit, sufficient evidence supported the jury’s finding that the deputy was liable for his actions because his conduct was willful and wanton as he was traveling 100 to 110 miles per hour.

The plaintiff was awarded $3,660,968 in damages for a wrongful death claim, for the untimely death of the passenger in the vehicle, and awarded $468,065 for the bodily injury claim.

Contact Us For Your Free Case Evaluation

The Offices of Michael J. Brennan provide professional and reliable personal injury and criminal defense representation to people in the state of Illinois; including Will County and Joliet, based on the premise that every person deserves high quality legal representation and the highest standards of legal service.

Whether a personal injury case or a criminal defense case; Michael understands that the person sitting before him has been through a traumatizing experience, and requires expert advice with a personal touch.

Our attorneys will return calls within 24 hours, keep you informed via e-mail or phone about the progress in your case. And we will ensure that all of your questions are addressed immediately and patiently. If you are looking for a top personal injury or criminal defense attorney don’t hesitate to contact us for your free evaluation today.

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Michael J. Brennan took on my case for a traffic violation that I was cited for. To be honest it was not looking in my favor but thanks to Mr. Brennan’s representation he was able to get me out of that citation. To say I was shocked afterwards would be a understatement, Also my case wasn’t a big money maker but Mr. Brennan treated it like it was by aggressively fighting for my rights. Again with that aggressive and very knowledgeable understanding of the law (in my case traffic laws/violations) he was able to get me out what seem to be for sure a traffic fine. Thanks Mr. Brennan

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