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Injury Involving Paralysis

Paralysis is a condition in which a person can no longer use a group of muscles, usually due to severe damage to nerves in the spinal cord. While some cases of paralysis are temporary, many are permanent. Ultimately, all require expensive treatment, and even those who recover some or most of the feeling and movement in the affected body parts are generally never the same again.

Paralysis injuries can have a substantial and permanent effect on your life, and any damage calculations will need to reflect your economic, physical, and emotional losses. Paralysis lawsuits can involve large amounts of money, many of which are projected future costs, and you should work with an experienced attorney to help you determine what amounts could be.

If you or your family have had your lives turned upside down by personal injury including paralysis, the Chicago law firm of Michael J. Brennan would welcome the opportunity to provide you with the aggressive, skillful legal representation that you will need to obtain the deserved compensation to which you are entitled.

Paralysis Occurring Due To Personal Injury Accidents Include:

What Type of Paralysis Injuries Commonly Result from Personal Injury Accidents?

There are four basic types of paralysis injuries:

  • Paraplegia: the total loss of movement and feeling in the lower body due to a severe spinal cord injury. People with paraplegia can still use their arms and hands.
  • Monoplegia: the partial or full loss of movement and/or feeling in a limb.
  • Hemiplegia: the partial or total loss of feeling in an arm, leg, and occasionally the torso of one side of the body, usually due to a traumatic brain injury, but sometimes due to a spinal cord injury.
  • Tetraplegia: the total loss of movement and feeling below the neck, including the arms and hands.

Potential Damages in Paralysis Lawsuit

If you have been paralyzed in an accident, the law allows for damage calculations such as:

  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Cost of medical treatment, medication, and ongoing rehabilitation
  • Cost of medical devices and equipment (such as wheelchairs, and modifications to your home or vehicles)
  • Pain and suffering damages for your ongoing physical discomfort
  • Emotional distress damages
  • Loss of consortium (deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries)
  • Compensation for lowered quality of life

Due to the severity of the injury and the potential value of the damage claim, you should work with an experienced attorney before you take action in a personal injury lawsuit with paralysis damages.

Arrange for an Evaluation of Your Case

In cases involving paralysis, it is important to look beyond the short term needs of an injury victim to make sure that any settlement addresses the long term needs of the victim and his or her family.

At the law offices of Michael J. Brennan, our experienced lawyers work closely with injury victims and families, seeking full compensation for the victims of  in the Chicago area. Contact our office today by calling (708) 460-9300 for a free consultation or sending an email through our contact form.

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