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Illinois’s network of interconnected highways sees heavy 18- wheeler and tractor-trailer traffic every day. When a truck or 18-wheeler is involved in an accident, the results can be devastating to the occupants of not just the tractor-trailer, but also the smaller vehicle involved in the accident. Serious injuries or even death can result in a crash like this.

When an accident involves a commercial truck, there may be a number of parties that may be responsible. Therefore, these claims are typically very complicated to file. It’s important to work with an attorney to avoid all the risks that can arise when you are trying to file a claim against a trucking company, and any other party involved in a trucking accident. Contact the offices of Michael J. Brennan, a Chicago trucking accident lawyer with years of experience helping victims of truck accidents in Illinois recover compensation for their losses.


The hours following a semitruck accident are devastating. However, it is important to you to maintain your cool, and take the right steps to protect your legal rights after a truck crash.

Follow these steps, and protect your rights.

1. Get Medical Care

Get yourself to a doctor immediately. If the doctor sees no signs of injury, but recommends scans, or x-rays, get these done promptly. Remember, spinal injuries, leg injuries, and soft tissue injuries may not be visible at the scene of the crash, but may severely impact your health in the future.

2. Report the Collision

Every truck accident must be reported to the police. Also, immediately file a report with the insurance company, so that the process of filing a claim can begin immediately.

3. Exchange Information with the Truck Driver

You will need to know the truck driver’s name, address, the trucking company he or she works for, and other details. You will also need the trucker’s insurance company information. Remember, truck accident claims are much more complicated than auto accident claims, and your Chicago truck accident lawyer will identify a number of parties, including the driver, trucking company, shipper, and other parties in your claim.

4. Collect Evidence

Take photographs of the 18–wheeler, big rig, or semi-truck involved in the crash. Photograph the damage to your vehicle and the truck, and take pictures of the scene. Skid marks, debris that has been strewn all over the site-all of these can be used by an experienced lawyer to file a strong claim for you.

6. Do Not Talk to Insurers

If the insurance company for the trucking company sends its representatives to talk to you, do not talk to them without having your attorney present. Remember, you are under no legal obligation to speak to the insurance company. Anything that you say can and will be used by the company, as evidence of your own liability. That will reduce the damages that you are eligible for.

5. Secure Witnesses

Talk to any witnesses at the scene of the accident, and take down their testimony. Get their contact information including names and addresses-you may need their testimony to boost your claim in the future. Remember, eyewitness accounts can prove very powerful in helping strengthen your claim.

7. Contact Us

Contact an experienced and reliable Cook County truck accident lawyer at our firm. Our attorneys represent victims of big rig accidents from our Cook County offices, serving residents of the Chicago and Orland Park areas.


Serious injuries can result when a tractor-trailer is involved in an accident with another vehicle. These injuries can include spinal injuries, injuries, and even paralysis. Filing a truck accident claim is very different from filing a car accident claim. Typically, a truck is operated by a commercial entity, and therefore, you may find yourself facing more complications than you would if you were filing a simple claim against another motorist involved in an accident.

Besides, there may be several parties responsible in a trucking accident. Liable parties can include the company that was involved in the maintenance and repairs of the truck, or the shipper. All of these parties must be identified and named in your claim. Failure to do so could result in lower compensation for you.

Once an accident has occurred, your Chicago trucking accident attorney will make a demand for payment, and this demand letter will be sent to the insurance company. The insurance company will negotiate the terms of settlement, but if the settlement is not favorable to you and will not cover all of the various types of damages that you have suffered, you must exercise your right to take your case to court. That can be done by filing a lawsuit.

Remember, it’s important to account for all of your financial damages as a result of the accident. Failing to do so could result in lower compensation and financial insecurity for you down the road.


Due to the sheer size and weight of a large semi rig, 18 wheeler or truck, an accident involving one of these vehicles can cause extensive damage to the smaller vehicle, as well as severe passenger injuries to its occupants.

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you may be eligible for the following types of compensation.

1. Medical Expenses

This must cover all of the medical costs that you have incurred as a result of these injuries. They include not just the cost of medical treatment, surgeries, hospitalization and doctor costs, but also the cost of travel to and from the hospital or doctor’s office.

2. Future Medical Expenses

Any accident involving a commercial truck is bound to result in severe injuries, and that means long-term medical expenses. You may have to undergo surgery in the future, and may require extensive physical rehabilitation or special aids. Damages for future medical costs must cover all of these expenses.

3. Loss of Income

An accident involving a truck can lead to victims being off work for many days or weeks. Loss of income damages must cover all of the earnings lost as a result of the crash.

4. Diminished Earning Capacity

You may suffer from a lowered ability to earn an income, or may be unable to earn the same income that you were able to before the accident, as a result of these injuries. That means a significantly lowered standard of living for you. Those financial losses must also be covered in your claim.

5. Pain and Suffering

An 18- wheeler collision can cause fear trauma and anxiety. Cases of post-traumatic stress disorder that leave victims suffering nightmares and memory flashbacks and battling insomnia for months after the accident are not uncommon. Your Orland Park truck accident lawyer will include pain and suffering damages to cover the mental and emotional anxiety you have suffered.

6. Punitive Damages

If the court finds that the truck driver, the trucking company or any of the other potentially liable parties were severely negligent resulting in the collision, or if your injuries are catastrophic in nature, you may be eligible for punitive damages. Talk to your Chicago truck accident attorney about whether you qualify for punitive damages.


Hiring an attorney will ensure that you are able to identify all the damages that you are eligible for as well as all the entities that are responsible for the accident. The attorneys at Michael J. Brennan’s law firm will work with doctors, providers, and other parties in order to clearly establish negligence and liability.

Our Chicago accident attorney handles trucking accident claims in and around the Cook County region.

Michael J. Brennan established his personal injury law practice in 1995, and over the past three decades, has represented several trucking accident victims in and around the Cook county region. When you hire our firm, you are assured of the most prompt and efficient service. All phone calls will be returned within 24 hours, and we ensure that you are frequently updated about all the proceedings in your case.

Being involved in a trucking accident is a horrific experience. However, having professional legal guidance on your side can make the process of recovering damages much easier, thereby alleviating your stress. Call our firm for a free initial consultation today.

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