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What is the difference between a Defense lawyer and criminal lawyer?

Although both a criminal lawyer and a defense lawyer may represent persons or organizations accused of committing criminal charges, there are significant distinctions between the two sorts of lawyers that make up the legal profession.

A defense lawyer is involved in defending a client who is accused of committing a crime in court. Their primary responsibility is to protect the client they are working for by defending their legal rights and interests and working to ensure that they have a level playing field throughout the legal process.

To construct a case for their client, defense lawyers are tasked with conducting investigations into the matter at hand, speaking with witnesses, and obtaining evidence. They could also attempt to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor to have the charges against their client reduced or get a lighter jail term.

In contrast, a criminal lawyer who focuses their practice on criminal law is referred to as a criminal defense lawyer. Their function is more extensive than that of a defense lawyer since they may also engage in plea negotiations, represent clients in appeals, and counsel clients on issues that are associated with criminal law.

Criminal defense attorneys sometimes defend their clients in civil matters that are connected to criminal accusations, such as processes involving the confiscation of assets.

In short, defense lawyers and criminal defense attorneys both work to defend clients who are facing criminal charges. The primary focus of defense lawyers is to adequately represent their clients in court, whereas criminal lawyers may also provide counsel to their clients on other issues that are connected to criminal law. Both law enforcement and the legal professions demand an in-depth understanding of criminal law, judicial procedures, and constitutional safeguards.

Responsibilities of defense lawyers

A defense attorney is responsible for several important tasks, including the following:

  • Conducting interviews with the client as well as any witnesses to collect information on the matter
  • Discussing possible plea deals with the prosecuting attorneys, if applicable
  • Coming up with a defense plan and presenting it throughout the trial
  • Supporting the client throughout the whole of the legal process, including any pre-trial petitions, bail reviews, or appeals that may be necessary

Criminal defense lawyer

Criminal defense attorneys are a sub-category of defense attorneys that focuses only on providing legal defense to clients who have been accused of committing any type of criminal offense, whether they are individuals or organizations. They could work in a private criminal defense practice, in public defense, or in the prosecution of criminal cases.

Responsibilities of criminal defense lawyers

The following are some of the major obligations of criminal defense lawyers:

  • Conducting interviews with potential clients and witnesses to collect details pertaining to the case.
  • Carrying out research in the legal field to uncover any applicable laws, cases, or legal issues.
  • Participating in bail hearings, plea negotiations, and appeals of convictions on behalf of clients.
  • Discussing possible plea agreements with the prosecutors, if applicable

Things to consider before hiring a criminal defense attorney


When searching for a criminal defense attorney, go for an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You should look for someone who has experience working with situations that are comparable to yours and who is competent in their field. Do not be hesitant to inquire about the lawyer’s previous cases, including the number of victories and defeats they have accumulated. Having an experienced attorney will prove very beneficial in building a strong defense.


It is also very important to think about the lawyer’s previous track record. It is essential to do some research about them on the internet and speak with a family member to find out what their opinions are and make informed decisions. If the criminal defense lawyer has a solid reputation in the industry, it is an indication that they are reliable and competent and can work on your criminal case.


The availability of a lawyer is yet another essential aspect to take into account. You need someone who can start working on your case right away and is easy to get in touch with for clarification. Do not choose criminal defense lawyers who claim to always be busy. This is not a good sign.

Convenience and Ease of Communicating

The connection that exists between you and your lawyer is an extremely important factor to take into consideration. Do you have any awkwardness while chatting with them? Do you feel you can trust them? Are they able to provide you with guidance, counsel, and comfort when you need it? A good attorney-client relationship may have a substantial influence on the result of a lawsuit and can be of great value to both parties.


When searching for a criminal lawyer, the location of potential candidates is another essential aspect to take into consideration. Will your legal representation be able to come to you even if you don’t reside in the same town or state as them? Or will you be required to visit their work in person?

Area of expertise

You will need a criminal defense attorney who specializes in criminal activity instances involving drunk driving, for instance, if you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI).

criminal attorney

Why choose Michael J. Brennan as your defense attorney?

Michael J. Brennan practices law in the criminal justice system and takes on a wide variety of criminal cases. He dealt with criminal cases ranging from traffic violations and drug offenses to allegations of driving under the influence and federal crimes.

Being a former prosecutor, MJB boasts a lot of experience in the legal system. He has spent a significant amount of time in courtrooms, jury trials, and guaranteeing that the legal protections of his clients are upheld.

Additionally, MJB offers a high degree of representation while at the same time delivering excellent service.

Although MJB puts in a lot of effort to represent clients, he is extremely easy to get in touch with. He promptly answers phone calls, makes time to attend to inquiries, and guarantees that his clients are aware of what to anticipate as their cases progress. You can get in touch with MJB at this number 708-460-9300.


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