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Medical Malpractice in Orland Park

Our health is one of the few precious things in this world that can control the level of comfort with which we live. When we are in the midst of a medical crisis, we look to healthcare professionals to guide us through. We put our trust and faith in them, so what happens when the care we need is not the care we receive?

It is estimated that 225,000 people die every year within the United States from some form of medical malpractice, making it the third most common cause of death.

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What Is Medical Malpractice?

Whenever a healthcare professional fails to adhere to the correct protocols and standards of practice when providing care to patients, whether by negligence or human error, and their actions lead to death or significant injury it is considered medical malpractice. Anyone in the healthcare field that provides a person with medical treatment of some kind can be responsible for malpractice, including but not limited to; doctors, nurses, surgeons, pathologists, technicians, and even hospitals and nursing home facilities.

In cases of a medical malpractice lawsuit, there can be multiple factors at play. Below we’ve listed some of the more common types of medical mistakes found in Orland Park area health centers.

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An infection is the result when a foreign organism is introduced to the body, whether bacterial, viral, fungal or other. Typically found in postop patients, infections are the most serious and yet common complications of hospital care. When patients are provided with proper health services infections are completely preventable which means if you have suffered from infection after a procedure you very likely have grounds for a medical malpractice case.

Medication Errors

Other completely avoidable situations arise when incorrect medications or dosages are administered to patients. Or dangerous combinations of medications that shouldn’t be mixed are given. These errors can result in patient injury or even death and would be a suitable reason to search out a medical malpractice lawyer near you.

Surgical Errors

Almost all surgical errors are a result of negligence of some kind, and these cases make up a significant percentage of medical malpractice lawsuits. They range from the subtle, such as failing to account for pre-existing conditions in patients that require special care; to the extreme, like amputating the wrong limb, although those cases are rare. The complications that can occur from surgical errors include things like blood clots, infections, acute respiratory failure, wound issues, and metabolic problems.

Anesthesia Errors

Almost all surgical procedures require some sort of anesthetic intervention, either local or general. Whether the patient is only having the area being operated on numbed, or they are being completely put under, it is critical that the doctor administering the drugs does it correctly. Due to the complexity of using anesthesia, there are many elements that need to be considered such as the patient’s age, weight, gender and medical history. If a doctor neglects to gather this information and take it into consideration, the possibility for serious complications is high.

Equipment Failure

In a case where a machine has abruptly shut off, or malfunctioned in some other way during patient treatment, and the results have led to injury or death, it is usually the hospital, care facility or product manufacturer that is determined to be at fault.  Malfunctions can be caused by lack of proper maintenance or manufacturer defect, but still qualify under the umbrella of medical malpractice claims.

Fatigued Healthcare Worker

The healthcare industry is notorious for working their employees to the physical limits of what a person can withstand. Rotating shift work, long hours, and overtime expectations can easily lead to work fatigue, and people who are tired are far more likely to make errors on the job. When a fatigue-related mistake occurs impacting patient’s health negatively, not only is the responsible person’s actions looked at, but also the facility; to ensure that their workplace standards preclude the allowance of sleep deprivation in their employees.

If You’ve Suffered Medical Malpractice in the Orland Park Area

If you or a loved one has had a negative experience while receiving treatment of some kind, where adverse actions have exacerbated a pre-existing health issue, led to a new health concern, or resulted in the untimely death of a loved one, it is worth contacting a medical malpractice lawyer near you. They will help you determine whether the circumstances of your experience constitute a credible malpractice case.

Why You Need A Medical Malpractice Attorney?

Of those that have suffered from some form of medical malpractice, only 2% actually submit a claim for compensation. And many of those claims are rejected; patients never receive any reparation.

Because the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled damages awarded in medical malpractice cases cannot be capped, medical providers, facilities, and their insurance companies dispute medical malpractice lawsuits ferociously. They have legal departments that work tirelessly to find any circumstance to disprove cases of medical negligence or error. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced medical malpractice attorney who understands medical law and has the ability to contend with these large facilities. One who will fight to get you the compensation you need to cover any extra medical expenses that have been incurred from other’s negligence.

If you are dealing with what you believe to be a form of medical malpractice, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney to share the circumstances of the concern. Facilities usually begin preparing their defense the moment they believe they could be vulnerable to a medical malpractice lawsuit, so time is of the essence. With over thirty years of experience serving as a personal injury lawyer in the Orland Park area, we can help you at the Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices. We will handle your case with respect and dignity, and work tirelessly to bring those responsible to justice. Call (708) 460-9300 for a free consultation today.

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