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Tractor-trailers are important to our way of life, but with such large vehicles on the road, accidents can be devastating. From tire blow-outs to fishtailing, big trucks can cause massive damage, injuring not only the driver of the truck but occupants of vehicles around them. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you need an experienced attorney by your side. Whenever big companies are involved in an injury, you’re up against a serious challenge. Corporations can afford to hire a full legal team and try to prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. They’re experienced with trying to escape the blame for your injuries. At Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer, we have over 35 years of experience helping our clients protect their rights after a traumatic trucking accident. We offer a free case evaluation and operate on a policy of no cost until you win. You can rest assured knowing that your fight is our fight.

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How is a Trucking Accident Different From a Regular Accident?

Whenever a tractor-trailer or big rig is involved in an accident, you’ll be faced with more than just an insurance claim. There may be many different parties involved in trucking accidents, including the driver, the truck repair company, or the shipping company. Filing a claim will be complicated and confusing, and if you don’t name all the involved parties, you may not be fully compensated. Large companies don’t care about your welfare, and they will try anything to stop you from receiving your full compensation. With experienced legal representation, you can make sure your claim is filed correctly and your damages assessed properly.

What Causes Most Semi-Truck Accidents? 

Damages & Injuries in a Truck Accident

With Illinois’s comparative fault law, so long as you are not responsible for 50% or more of the damages, you can receive financial compensation for your losses. The last thing you need to be worried about while trying to recover from a serious accident are medical fees, loss of work, and insurance claims. As the victim of a trucking accident, you may be eligible to recover significant damages, including medical costs, future medical costs, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages. A personal injury lawyer can help you maximize your claim, account for all damages, and navigate the complicated legal network of trucking accidents.

Attorney Responsibilities Following a Truck Accident

If you’ve suffered a truck accident, you’ll likely be undergoing medical care and won’t have time to deal with complicated legal matters. Your attorney will make sure that your claim is filed correctly and in good time. The sooner your case is filed, the sooner your life can return to normal. While you recover, our team will get in contact with everyone involved in the case, including insurance companies, witnesses, and law enforcement. We will build your case from the ground up to ensure maximum compensation. We will collect evidence, communicate with the court, and make sure that you are informed and supported every step of the way. With an attorney by your side, you can avoid being manipulated by insurance companies and corporations. In the aftermath of a severe accident, the last thing you want to do is pore over complicated legal documents and struggle through liability claims. You may be tempted to accept a small settlement, rather than face the stress of mediation or court. But once signed, a settlement is final and doesn’t account for any future medical costs associated with your accident. Don’t let companies pressure you to sign an unfair agreement—you may regret it later. Instead, contact a qualified truck accident lawyer to help you navigate your case.

Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer has over 35 years of experience fighting for the rights of victims. In the past four years, we have recovered over $10 million in damages for our clients. We have offices in Orland Park and serve clients in and around the Cook County area. We respond to calls and emails within 24 hours, and our team is always ready to answer your questions. Having legal counsel by your side can make the difference between financial stability and ruin. Don’t let someone else’s negligence derail your life—call today for a free consultation.

What Steps Should You Take Following a Truck Accident?

The moments after a truck accident can be terrifying. Depending on your location, you could be spun out in the middle of the interstate or left stranded. It’s important to stay calm and follow these instructions.

Check for Injuries

In the case of severe crashes, the first step is to stop your vehicle and ensure that no one is injured. If anyone involved in the crash is injured call 911 immediately.

Move to a Safe Location

Because of the nature of truck accidents and depending on your environment, you may need to remove yourself or your vehicle. Some highways require all vehicles involved in an accident to clear the roadway. If it is safe to do so, photograph the scene first, then safely move your vehicle out of the roadway. If anyone is severely injured, do not move them or their vehicle, as this could worsen their injuries.

Get Medical Care

It is crucial that you seek medical care for yourself and any passengers in your vehicle. A large part of your compensation may be made up of medical costs, and a medical professional can document your injuries and verify that they were a result of the accident

Report the Collision

All truck accidents must be reported to law enforcement. Contact the police or the Illinois Highway Patrol and your insurance company. Unless you are in urgent need of medical attention, do not leave the scene.

Exchange Information with the Truck Driver

Ask the truck driver for their name and license information, their vehicle registration numbers and license plate, and their employer information. Record the physical details of both vehicles and obtain their insurance information. Be sure to share your own information with the other driver, as well.

Gather Evidence and Witness Identification

Take photos of the scene and damage to both vehicles, as well as photos of the tractor-trailer. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be. Document driving conditions and any damage to the road, such as skid-marks, broken guardrails, missing signs, or malfunctioning traffic signals. Document the date and time of the crash, and, if necessary, photograph any physical injuries. Identify witnesses of the accident, recording their testimony, names, and contact information. An eyewitness report can significantly strengthen your case.

Do not speak to the other party’s insurers. Anything you say to the trucking insurance company can be used by the company to increase your liability. You are not obligated to speak to them and doing so can harm your case. Wait until you have spoken to a qualified truck accident attorney, and do not admit fault.

Call Michael J. Brennan for a free consultation on your damages. The sooner you contact a qualified truck accident lawyer, the sooner you can focus on your own recovery.

What is the Compensation Process Following a Truck Accident?

The first step of filing for compensation is to contact the insurance company. Because of the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck, victims of trucking accidents may be severely injured. You may require urgent medical assistance or emergency care. Our team will send a letter demanding payment to the insurance company. Because trucking accidents usually involve a corporate entity, figuring out which insurance company to contact can be difficult. Our knowledge of truck accident liability will make this process simple and painless for you. We will negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you get fair compensation. If the insurance company offers an insufficient settlement, you may need to file a lawsuit. We will prepare your case for court and fight for your right to financial security.

Where possible, we hope to settle these cases out of court, so you can receive compensation as promptly as possible. However, it is important to be prepared to fight for your rights. If your case goes to court, we will help you prove liability and damages to the jury. The jury will decide on appropriate damages, and the judge will look over the amount to ensure that it is fair. The insurance company may attempt to appeal this decision, but we can use the court’s decision to encourage the company to settle out of court. Michael J. Brennan has extensive experience working with trucking insurance and will make sure that you receive appropriate compensation for your suffering. Let us help you get your life back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions After a Truck Accident

Will I have to go to trial?

Our team will use proven negotiation tactics to try to get a settlement out of court, however, if you are not being compensated fairly, we will help you exercise your right to bring a suit against the liable parties.

What if no law was broken?

Personal Injury cases fall under civil law. Unlike criminal law, civil law does not require that a law be broken to determine liability.

What are the different types of damages?

Medical expenses and future medical expenses cover the costs of recovery, including emergency care in the aftermath of the crash, long-term care (such as physical therapy, medications, and live-in recovery aid), planned medical procedures for recovery, and even travel to and from your healthcare provider. If you find yourself unable to work or being forced to accept a lower salary as a result of your accident, loss of earnings and diminished earning capacity will account for these losses. Pain and suffering accounts for the emotional and psychological aftermath of the crash. Punitive damages may also be imposed by the court if the party at fault was particularly negligent or reckless. When building your claim, we will account for all of these costs and losses in our estimate.

How will I pay for medical care while the case is being argued?

Michael J. Brennan knows that medical care is expensive, and that it may be hard for you to pay while we negotiate your compensation. We have extensive experience helping injured clients and will advocate for you to receive the necessary treatment and the care you need while your case is being decided.

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