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How to determine if you have a proper wrongful death lawsuit

Joliet Wrongful Death Lawyers Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims Wrongful death occurs when another’s negligence or unlawful act causes a person’s death. A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal issue brought by the deceased’s (decadents) loved ones against the person who has caused the wrongful death. A wrongful death suit can come up when a victim, …

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Slip-and-fall injuries: what you need to know about slip-and-fall injury laws in Illinois

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Chicago Illinois Under Illinois law, slip and fall accident victims can get compensation when injured on the premises of an establishment. According to the Illinois Premises Liability Act, any person injured at an establishment owned or managed by another person can file a claim for compensation against them. Making claims …

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Long-term effects of concussion to a person’s brain and how to determine who is responsible

Brain Injury Lawyers If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury and seek to obtain compensation for the traumatic brain injuries, our professionals at MJB Law Chicago are here to help. We understand how much of an impact traumatic brain injuries can have on an individual, so we ensure to pay close attention to the …

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Legal responsibilities to remember as a responsible dog owner

Joliet Dog Bite Lawsuit Michael J. Brennan is a personal injury lawyer and a Joliet dog bite lawyer with an exceptional reputation for receiving numerous compensations in Illinois for many clients in dog bite lawsuits. The state of Illinois is a strict liability region. This means if a dog causes injury or death to a …

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Personal injury and wrongful death

Personal injury and wrongful death claims have numerous similarities, but they are very different. However, they have one common factor; the same types of accidents caused by reckless or negligent parties. Wrongful death or personal injury cases can arise as a result of: A medical malpractice Workplace accidents Defective products Slip, trip, and fall accidents …

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