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Misdemeanors in Chicago, Illinois Have Serious and Far Reaching Consequences

I often speak with Chicago defendants who do not realize the effects which a misdemeanor conviction can have on their life. Misdemeanors carry less time in custody and smaller fines but still have far-reaching consequences you may not have considered. There are several common charges I would like to address: Driving on a Suspended License …

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Defending Against Solicitation Charges in Chicago And Cook County, Illinois –Series Recap

This is my final post on handling solicitation charges in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding counties. The series covered some important topics to understand if you have been arrested for solicitation or prostitution in Illinois. The topics which I have discussed included: Search and seizure issues in Chicago solicitation cases The consequences of a Chicago solicitation …

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Expunging A Chicago, Illinois Solicitation Charge

This is my fourth post regarding handling prostitution and solicitation charges in Chicago, Illinois. My last post discussed the consequences of a solicitation conviction. I understand that it can be frightening and embarrassing to face such a charge and dealing with it can be very stressful, especially if it is your first arrest. Luckily, if …

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Penalties For Solicitation or Prostitution Conviction in Chicago, Illinois

This is my third post in my series on defending against solicitation charges in Chicago. My last post discussed unreasonable search and seizure issues in solicitation cases. Any arrest or conviction can have a lasting impact on your ability to obtain a job, a professional license or even clearance through customs. Crimes involving sex allegations …

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Chicago Residents Should Know Their Rights After A Solicitation Arrest

This is my second post in my series on defending against prostitution or solicitation charges in Chicago, Illinois. My last post discussed the consequences of being charged with solicitation. This article will discuss how such cases implicate your search and seizure rights. Police must have probable cause to arrest Chicago residents for solicitation or they …

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