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Cook County Auto Accident Lawyer

No one is ever quite prepared for a car accident. These accidents happen suddenly, and when they do, they can severely impact the lives of those who are involved. Any serious car accident can cause severe and even catastrophic injuries, and lead to loss of income. When you’ve been in a car accident you need expert legal advice in order to protect your rights. Victims often suffer through heavy medical expenses, apart from the severe pain and trauma that they undergo as well as other consequences of the accident. Michael J. Brennan is a car accident lawyer near you who has years of experience representing victims of severe car accidents in and around the Orland Park region. Call our firm today to get a free evaluation of your case.


When an accident is the result of someone’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. Illinois has comparative fault laws that allow you to recover financial damages for your losses on one condition – your fault is not greater than the fault of the other motorist involved in the accident.

In order to recover compensation, however, you must first contact the other motorist’s insurer. If the accident is minor and has resulted in lower economic damages, the case will be settled through a process of arbitration. Negotiations with the insurance company may result in a settlement for you, but if the settlement is not fair, you may go ahead and file a lawsuit. Get professional legal advice from a qualified car accident lawyer in your area before you file a claim – it can help you protect your rights.

Michael J. Brennan is the Chicago-area car accident attorney near you, who helps victims of car accidents who have suffered injuries as a result of another motorist’s negligence. If you have suffered a car accident, get in touch with Mr. Brennan immediately. Our firm is nearby and will immediately get in touch with all relevant parties involved in the accident, like insurance carriers, medical providers, and other parties that may have a role to play in your financial compensation. Our team of attorneys will go through the process of obtaining all important medical information and evidence, including accident reports, medical records, police reports, and other documents that can help you recover compensation. If a settlement cannot be reached, you can file an injury lawsuit with the Circuit Court in order to protect your interests.

The hours and days after a car accident are traumatic. You need to get medical treatment for yourself as well as other passengers in your car. Also must notify your colleagues and your workplace about your injuries. This can be a stressful time in your life, and you must proceed with caution. Professional legal guidance can help you protect your interests during this critical time. In a traumatized state, you may be tempted to sign off on a quick settlement for a meager amount with the insurance company. Having an experienced auto accident lawyer near you on your side, however, will help you avoid such mistakes that can jeopardize your future. Remember, your settlement will be final, and will have to cover all of the financial damages that you have suffered, not just immediately but also in the future.


Your actions soon after an auto accident can be crucial. Being involved in a car crash can be a crucial devastating time for you, but it is important to stay calm and take these important steps.

1. Get Medical Care

Get emergency medical care, not just for yourself, but also for the other occupants in your vehicle. Remember to get medical attention even if your injuries do not seem severe.  Many types of injuries like neck injuries, may not be visible after an accident. You may not even see any signs of swelling or bleeding, but that does not mean that an internal injury has not occurred. Remember, if you do not get medical care for your injuries, your Cook County car accident lawyer may find it challenging to prove that you were actually injured in the collision when it comes to seeking compensation for your medical care.

2. Report Accident

Even if it is a minor or moderate-injury, report the crash to the police or to the Illinois Highway Patrol. Also, report the accident to your insurance company. Failure to file the report means you have no evidence proving the collision occurred. Unless you have a report, you don’t have actual evidence that you were involved in an accident at all. An official report can help a car accident attorney to recover compensation for you.

3. Exchange Information with the Other Motorist

Get information from the other motorist soon after the car accident. That can include information about other motorist’s name, address, phone numbers, and other contact details. Also, get information about the other motorist’s insurance company. You will need this information to help you get in touch with the other motorist’s insurance company, and file a claim for damages.

4. Collect Evidence

Begin the process of collecting evidence right at the scene. Take photographs of the scene as well as any damage to your vehicle. You’ll be surprised to find that valuable evidence can be found right at the scene of the crash. Look for skid marks, and take photographs of these. If there is damage to the other automobile, take photographs of the damage. If there is a dangerous road condition, like a malfunctioning traffic signal, or a damaged guardrail, photograph these. All of the mentioned aspects can help your attorney to build a strong claim for you.


Brain Injury – $8,500,000.00

$8.5 Million Dollar Settlement for Brain Injury Suffered From Auto Accident

The driver of a commercial vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign, hitting the plaintiff’s vehicle and causing severe brain injuries. The plaintiff required extensive treatment and rehabilitation. The case settled prior to trial for $8.5 Million.


If you were involved in an auto accident in the Cook County region, you may be eligible for the following types of compensation.

1. Medical Expenses

This compensation must cover all of the medical expenses that you have incurred as a result of your injury. These costs can include not just hospitalization costs, but also the costs of rehabilitation therapy, medical aids, and even travel to and from your doctor’s office or hospital.

2. Future Medical Expenses

Some accidents can result in catastrophic injuries that may result in long-term expensive medical expenses in the future. You may have to undergo medical surgeries and may be on long-term medications. All of these expenses must be included in your damages. If your car accident lawyer fails to include these expenses, you may find yourself using a financial catastrophe in the future when the bills begin to mount.

3. Loss of Earnings

These damages must cover the lost income that you have suffered as a result of the crash, and the recovery period after. A qualified accident lawyer near you can help you determine what that amount should be.

4. Diminished Earning Capacity

These damages are meant to cover the loss of income that you could suffer if the injury has left you unable to sustain your livelihood. Some injuries may render victims unable to return to their former jobs or earn the same income that they were earning earlier. That means a significant loss of income and these damages are meant to cover those losses.

5. Pain and Suffering

The physical damages may heal, but the mental suffering and anguish may continue for months or even years later. Post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, is a very real consequence of being involved in a catastrophic collision, like a drunk driving auto accident. Your Cook County car accident lawyer will include pain and suffering in a compensation claim to cover emotional and mental anguish.

6. Punitive Damages

Sometimes, accidents result in damage so severe that the court may decide to award punitive damages. These damages are not meant to cover the losses suffered by the victim, but rather to serve as a deterrent to others, and to punish the defendant for his rash driving. Punitive damages can equal a substantial amount of money. Talk to your Chicago car accident lawyer to understand whether your claim could include punitive damages.



If you were the unfortunate victim of a drunk driving accident, our firm can help you with your case.   Our auto accident lawyers have a reputation for providing quality and sensitive legal services. We respond to all phone calls and emails within a period of 24 hours and ensure that you are frequently updated about the progress of your case. Our attorneys are always nearby and available to answer your questions.

Whether you have suffered a car accident with moderate injuries, or whether your car accident has resulted in more serious injuries like spinal injuries or head injuries, contact our car accident lawyers near you for an initial evaluation of your case.

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