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Seeking Legal Representation In An Aviation Accident In Orland Park

Flying is meant to be thrilling; to soar above the clouds and carry us to far off distances in a short period of time. But what happens when the devastating occurs, and there is an accident?  

At The Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices we represent people that have been injured in an airline mishap or families that have lost a loved one in an airplane crash. Michael is the aviation accident attorney in Illinois with the experience to handle both private jet and propeller aircraft disasters. 

When An Airplane Crashes, Who Is Responsible?

Letting someone else have control of your surroundings is the ultimate test in trust. And nothing puts our trust to the test more than flying in an aircraft of some kind. When an airplane crash occurs we look to who is responsible for causing that accident.

There are a number of factors that must be considered in any accident situation. In the case of airline crashes, the accident is usually caused by pilot error, mechanical failure, a design defect, air traffic control negligence or improper maintenance. Depending on what the airplane crash investigation discovers the responsible party could be the commercial airline, the pilot or the aircraft manufacturer. 

Hiring an airplane accident lawyer that has extensive knowledge of Illinois aviation liability laws ensures that a proper and thorough investigation will occur and that the correct party will be held responsible. 

When You’ve Suffered An Injury On An Airplane

At The Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices we represent not only those affected by airplane crashes, but also those that have suffered injury due to the negligence of persons or the defect of equipment while on an airplane. We help passengers who have been injured due to:

  • Baggage Falling Out of Overhead Compartments
  • Flight Attendant Negligence Causing Injury – such as hot beverage burns, or struck by in-service cart injuries
  • Trip And Fall Due To Slippery Conditions In Aircraft Washrooms
  • Emergency Evacuation Injuries
  • Tarmac Transfer Injury – passengers injured during the boarding process

Why You Need An Airplane Accident Lawyer

When a commercial airline incident occurs it almost always results in a settlement from the airline. Compensation for injuries or wrongful death are handled directly through the airline and its insurance carrier. In these instances when there is a crash a group settlement is the route these airlines try to take. But at the Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices, we take an individual approach.

We represent one client at a time; with the understanding that their unique experience in the accident will not be the same as another’s. And since travelers are usually from a wide spread, sometimes global, area, it is important to hire an Illinois aviation accident attorney that understands your state’s laws regarding airline accidents. A Cook County based lawyer that will do all he can to get you the compensation you need.

Commercial airlines usually settle, but what about private planes? These accidents are far more common, the National Transportation Safety Board has determined that 97% of aviation fatalities actually occur in general aviation, and not on commercial flights. And yet, when a smaller aircraft is involved in an accident, the investigation is usually much less thorough. Many victims or their families are left to investigate the causes of an accident themselves.

Being an experienced aircraft accident lawyer we will assist in the investigation, making sure that the right questions are being asked, consulting with experts in the aviation field, and using every government resource available to determine fault.

Wrongful Death Cases In Illinois Involving Airplanes

A personal injury attorney that understands airline cases is key when claiming the right to compensation in any manner of airplane accident. The issues that can arise are staggering. Below are examples of just some of the reasons why a seasoned lawyer is necessary.

Schaefer v. Synergy Flight Ctr., LLC, 2019 IL App (1st) 181779

In a set of consolidated cases arising from a plane crash in Illinois, the company being sued for wrongful death, which was Texas based, tried to argue that the Illinois justice system held no jurisdiction over  them, but it was proved because the company had an ongoing business relationship with multiple Illinois customers it was reasonable to require the company to litigate in Illinois.

Lee Kim Fatt v. Boeing Co., 2014 IL App (1st) 141108-U

In relation to the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370; the petitioner-appellant, Illinois resident Lee Khim Fatt, filed a verified petition seeking to identify the persons responsible for the disappearance and crash of the airplane on the basis that he has a viable cause of action against certain entities for damages arising from the decedent, Foong Wai Yueng’s death.

The circuit court dismissed the petition without holding a hearing, noting that it exceeded the scope of allowable discovery. But the petitioner was able to appeal; contending that the court erred in dismissing the petition when they did not first hold a hearing to determine scope of allowable discovery.

Russell v. SNFA, 2011 IL App (1st) 093012

The plaintiff’s brother was killed in a helicopter crash in Illinois, but the case was improperly dismissed on the grounds that the French company that made the part that allegedly caused the crash was not subject to the jurisdiction of the Illinois court.

The decision was appealed by the client’s attorney. Showing that since the decedent was employed by a medical air service doing business primarily in Illinois. And the requisite minimum contacts existed where the malfunctioning part made by the defendant, the French manufacturer, occurred in Illinois, the defendant had reason to know and expect that its bearings would be marketed in all states, including Illinois.

In each of these cases it was the expertise and knowledge of Illinois law on the part of the airplane accident lawyer that kept these cases from being unjustly dismissed.

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The repercussions of an airline accident can be devastating and long-term. We will work with you to get you the compensation you need; committed to using every resource at our disposal to accomplish those goals. If you have been involved in some sort of airplane crash or have sustained injuries while on an aircraft don’t hesitate to reach out to us at The Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices for your free case evaluation. Contact us today!

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