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Workers’ Compensation Claims in Chicago

Work-related injuries can happen in any job, and no employment industry is immune from accidents. Although we often hear about the large cases in which a drastic accident has happened, the typical Illinois workers’ compensation cases that occur more often are those that involve people who perform the same repetitive motion daily, such as typing. Other common injuries include slipping and falling and being injured by machinery. When you need the best worker’s comp lawyer near you contact Michael J. Brennan Injury & Accident Lawyer for a confidential case evaluation.

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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

All employers in Illinois are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees in case they get injured on the job.  Illinois workers’ comp insurance pays benefits which include medical care that is required to cure or relieve the impact of an injury, temporary total or partial disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, permanent partial or total disability benefits, or death benefits. Your recovery is based upon your lost wages, your injury, and other factors.

According to the Workers’ Compensation Act of Illinois, injured workers are entitled to compensation benefits including such as:

  • coverage of your medical expenses
  • payment for time lost from work (TTD-Temporary Total Disability)
  • compensation based upon the severity of the injury (PPD-Permanent Partial Disability)
  • life-long benefits (PTD-Permanent Total Disability) if you cannot return to work

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In the event of a dispute, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission  (IWCC) enforces the state’s workers’ compensation laws and protects worker rights.

However, it’s very important to have a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer in Illinois such as Michael Brennan representing you, as the insurance carrier for the employer will always seek to deny or payout the lowest amounts possible to claimants especially if they are unrepresented.

Just to be clear, the workman’s comp benefits do not involve suing your employer. In Illinois, you are unable to sue your employer or co-workers for damages for injuries that happen on the job. All work-related injury cases must go through the IWCC.

What to Do After a Workplace Injury

If an employee suffers a workplace injury, he or she should notify the employer.  A verbal or written notice needs to be given to a manager within 45 days of the accident.  In order to properly document the workplace accident, it is recommended that an injured employee notify the employer in writing of the date and place of the accident, along with a brief description of the accident and resulting injury.

Always make an accident report. Sometimes you do not realize the extent of your injury right away. This is especially the case in repetitive injury cases where it can take much longer to recover than you would normally expect.

What is the Difference Between Workers’ Compensation And A Personal Injury Claim?

The main difference between a case involving an injury sustained at work or an injury sustained while not at work is that in a workers’ compensation case, it is not based on fault. In a workers’ compensation case, with little exception, any employee injured on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation has nothing to do with fault. You do not need to prove that your employer or any co-workers did anything wrong in order for you to receive your entitled workers’ compensation benefits. Even if it was your own negligence that caused your injury, you are still entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits if it happened while at work.

How A Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

If you were injured in a work-related accident, you may be eligible for a large settlement to help you financially. Being unable to perform your typical occupation tasks can put you far behind on bills and other financial obligations.

We will review all of the records related to your job, your wages, your injury and the kind of recovery that is expected for your injury. Depending on the severity of your injuries, our experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys near you will work to ensure that the full cost of your situation is accurately appraised and ultimately reflected in any settlement that you receive.

Here at the Law Offices of Michael J. Brennan, top worker’s comp lawyers in your area, we are committed to assisting people like you navigate with the insurance companies to get every dollar that you deserve.

Our firm has a high reputation for providing quality legal services in worker’s compensation cases. We respond to all phone calls and emails within a 24 hour period and ensure that you are frequently updated about the progress of your case. Our nearby worker’s comp attorneys are always available to answer your questions.

Whether you have suffered a work-related accident with moderate injuries, or whether your accident has resulted in more serious injuries, contact our Chicago law firm for an evaluation of your case.

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