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2022 Guide to an Apartment Accident Lawyer

A large percentage of city dwellers in Chicago live in apartment buildings. If you get a serious injury after an accident in the building due to hazardous conditions, your recourse may be more than just the landlord or property owner.

To know more, you will need to consult the services of an apartment accident lawyer from the law offices of Michael J. Brennan. We fight hard for our clients to ensure that they receive financial compensation in the event of an accident.

What Causes Accidents in Apartment Buildings?

Accidents in apartment buildings occur for several reasons, though they often result from unsafe conditions on the property. Whenever such conditions present themselves, they are probably due to issues that the landlord or property owner should have rectified. Therefore, you are not at fault and deserve compensation. Some of the structural problems that can cause apartment accidents include

  • Floors in need of repair
  • Poor lighting
  • Faulty wiring or electric outlets
  • Dangerous stairs or staircases
  • Unshoveled snow
  • Mold or exposure to lead paint
  • Faulty carbon monoxide or smoke detectors
  • Dangerous walkways or sidewalks
  • Assaults due to inadequate or negligent security
  • Unsafe balconies
  • Hazardous amenities like swimming pools or playgrounds

Determining Liability After Injuries in an Apartment Building

You must prove a few things to receive compensation after an apartment accident. First, the injury resulted from another party’s negligence. In this case, that is the apartment building’s landlord. Showing that the property owner knew about the hazard that resulted in your accident is essential to proving negligence. Doing this requires employing the most effective tool in the business, evidence.

Accident investigators from our law offices can help you gather some of the following forms of evidence.

  • Surveillance footage from the apartment building proves the landlord’s knowledge of the existing hazard.
  • Videos or pictures of the injury victims
  • Witnesses who saw the accidents occur
  • Images of the causes of the accident

The complexity of your case can dictate whether the involvement of a personal injury lawyer is necessary. However, even in straightforward cases, having an apartment accident lawyer present can work to your advantage.

Types of Damages Available Following an Apartment Building Accident Lawsuit

Personal injury attorneys can assist you in pursuing economic and noneconomic apartment accident compensation. Commercial claims include payments for medical expenses related to the accident and lost wages. These may also consist of doctor fees, ambulance costs, emergency room fees, and outstanding hospital bills.

Noneconomic claims encompass the effects of the apartment building accident that surpass financial losses. Your injury lawyer can argue for additional compensation for emotional distress, occupational therapy pain, and physical pain. It also includes a reduction in the enjoyment of day-to-day activities.

Some slip-and-fall injuries most people experience in apartment buildings may include soft tissue injuries, broken bones, brain or head trauma, spinal injuries, and abrasions or lacerations. Your apartment accident injuries may leave you permanently disabled, making you unable to return to work. In this apartment building accident case, your personal injury claim can include compensation for future lost wages.

Here, the insurance company covering the apartment building pays for the salary you will not be able to receive for the rest of your career. Calculate future lost wages accurately in such a personal injury case. Remember, a personal injury lawyer with enough experience in this law section is the best for such an undertaking.

Part of our policy involves holding negligent landlords accountable for injuries caused by ignoring hazards in their apartment complexes.

Who is Eligible for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In apartment building accident cases, the common defendants are landlords, building owners, and property management companies. However, our personal injury lawyers only file apartment injury lawsuits under Chicago’s premises liability law.

The laws instill a duty of care on property owners to ensure that they keep their property in a safe and appropriate manner. They also alert guests to prevailing hazards that may not be visible. You can only be successful in a premises liability claim when the landlord does not uphold their duty.

Role of Apartment Accident Attorneys

We at the Michael J. Brennan law offices have different types of lawyers, including personal injury attorneys and premises liability lawyers. Before taking up your case, they will take you through an interview to get to the pertinent facts. If you have a serious injury, an injury lawyer will help mitigate your ongoing medical expenses.

Once the lawsuit gets underway, the attorney will assist you in gathering pertinent evidence to support your case. They may recommend hiring accident investigators and speaking to a judge or jury if necessary. Your attorney will file a personal injury claim, which the landlord will counter by filing court documents.

Benefits of Personal Injury Lawyers

We can ensure you receive the maximum compensation for all injuries related to the accident. Injury attorneys are familiar with the importance of your case. For this reason, they will use the liability law to pressure your landlord to pay their fair share after an apartment building accident. Many such cases have hidden values that our lawyers can uncover to boost your final payout.

When it comes to insurance adjusters, an apartment accident lawyer can help you negotiate and will not be intimidated by the might of the insurance company. They also let you focus on healing by taking care of the complexities of the case that may seem daunting to you.

Why Choose Michael J. Brenan?

Our law firm offers free consultations, meaning we can answer all your legal questions, reducing your financial burdens. We also provide a free case evaluation and do not charge you until we win or settle your apartment building accident claim. With experience spanning over 25 years, we can guarantee sensitive and quality legal services.

We can help you recover compensation even when your landlord fails to listen to your initial demands. To get these services and more, visit our offices in Orland Park or Chicago, Illinois. Alternatively, call 708-578-7914 to talk to a representative at any time of the day.

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