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3 points to consider in choosing a slip and fall lawyer

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Chicago

Accidents can happen to anyone at any place and at any moment. They could happen due to carelessness, irresponsibility, ignorance, or lack of safety. Slip and fall accidents occur in the event someone trips or slips and get an injury on someone else’s property. A slip and fall claim is categorized as a personal injury claim under the premises liability law.

People owning properties that are open to the public, such as stores and restaurants, are mandated to ensure the safety of their customers and visitors. They should ensure that their premises provide a safe environment for other people. They can be held liable for any slip and fall accidents on their properties.

Getting an injury in a slip and fall accident due to dangerous conditions can earn you fair compensation once you file a case. It is vital to hire a credible slip and fall lawyer who will cater to your needs and get the justice you deserve. Michael J Brennan is a qualified slip and fall attorney with over 35 years of experience handling personal injury claims. The Illinois slip and fall lawyer will ensure that you win your case and recover compensation for any lost income and damage caused.

What Are the Causes of a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall injuries can occur due to various indoor and outdoor factors. Some of the common causes of a slip and fall accident include;

  1. Poor weather conditions.
  2. Slippery surfaces.
  3. Uneven surfaces.
  4. Poor lighting.
  5. Improper training at the workplace.
  6. Improper footwear.

The most common cause of slip and fall injuries is wet and uneven surfaces, accounting for more than 50% of the accidents worldwide. Freshly mopped or waxed floors, loose floorboards, loose mats, torn carpeting, and cluttered floors can make you slip or trip and get serious injuries. Potholes in the parking lot, defective sidewalks, and poorly constructed staircases can also be hazardous to people.

A slip and fall accident can also occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities due to carelessness and neglect. You can develop a serious injury such as a broken or fractured bone and soft tissue injury once a fall accident occurs.

The property owner is held liable for any slip and fall accidents that occur if the cause of the accident was preventable. Failure to take appropriate action by fixing a problem or warning people about it would be seen as ignorance once a fall case is filed. You should call the Chicago slip and fall lawyer once you get a fall injury.

When Should You Hire a Fall Attorney?

Once you get injured after a fall accident on a commercial property, filing a slip and fall case against the property owner should be your first course of action. You should seek the services of a slip and fall lawyer in Illinois whenever you would like to file a complaint. The experienced Chicago slip and fall attorneys will help you determine the legitimacy of your case and seek compensation.

The attorney will prove that the property owner is at fault and liable for all your slip and fall injuries. Proving fault involves showing that another person is responsible for the injuries you sustain after tripping or slipping. You must show that the accident resulted from a neglected dangerous condition and not due to your carelessness. A hazardous situation is one you could not anticipate under any given circumstances.

Your lawyer will prove fault by showing that the property owner was aware of the danger and failed to rectify it. They will help you determine the total amount of damage incurred during the accident. Other factors such as the kind of shoes you wear and how you walk will decide if you are partly at fault or not. You will acquire enough compensation to settle your bills and recover the lost wages.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Lawyer?

Several fall accident attorneys in the country are willing to handle your premises liability case. Choosing the right personal injury attorney in Chicago can be a daunting task, and you need tips to help you settle on one. The factors you should consider before choosing a Chicago slip and fall attorney include;


  1. You should find a personal injury lawyer with years of experience handling slip and fall cases. The lawyer should represent you and take the case either in or out of court.


  1. Your lawyer should respond to your calls and answer your questions at any time of day. You should go for a local law firm based in your vicinity to handle your slip and fall claim. Local attorneys are fully aware of your area’s laws and justice system; therefore, they will adhere to them accordingly.

Client Reviews

  1. Ensure that you go through the reviews and testimonials left by previous clients on your lawyer’s website. It is crucial to settle for a lawyer who depicts authority and professionalism and has several positive reviews from former clients.

Free Consultation

  1. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer before hiring their services. It will allow you to ask questions about their experience and success rate. You will determine whether you and your legal representative can work together and win.

Legal Fees

  1. Find out what you’ll need to pay for before signing an agreement with any lawyer. You should be aware of the amount of money they require upfront and any additional fees you may incur. Most lawyers get paid on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only receive payment once they win.

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Commercial property owners often try to evade liability from fall claims by all means possible. You need help from a professional lawyer who will carry out extensive investigations and pinpoint the business owner as of the person at fault. You should call on the services of an experienced law firm in Chicago to settle your claims adequately.

Our experienced fall accident lawyers will earn you full and fair compensation from the property owner once an accident occurs. Working with the legal team at Michael J Brennan will ensure that you get a reasonable settlement offer for your case. Our offices are based in Cook County, and we offer our services to residents of the greater Chicago area. Call us now to get a free consultation.

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