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3 Reasons To Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, it’s never a light issue, regardless of which angle you look at it from. Hence, you shouldn’t treat it as one. The mere thought or mention of the phrase “truck accidents” conjures gory mental images of the accident scene and will scare the life out of any decent person.

Trucking accidents can cause damage of epic proportions because trucks are gigantic vehicles. These accidents are rare, unlike car accidents, where almost every car owner has been involved in one form or another. The rarity of truck accidents also makes them remarkable cases whenever they happen.

Since truck accidents are more complicated, rare, and can cause colossal damages, you need the services of reliable and prestigious truck accident lawyers to put up a good defense for your case.

Here are 3 Main reasons why hiring truck accident lawyers are ideal for any truck incident you have.

Truck Companies are Large and their Damages are Colossal

When you get involved in a truck accident, you are dealing with a vehicle that’s 20 times the size of your car and weighs up to 80,000 pounds. That alone is frightening. Imagine what a collision with an 80,000 pound vehicle will do to your darling car. The wreckage will be beyond repair, and you’ll sustain serious injuries. But that’s not all. The truck is probably from a company, as individuals rarely own trucks.

This company is as big as its trucks in terms of influence, wealth, and staff asides from owning a fleet of trucks. So, you’ll be certain they’ll have a stand-by legal team to whisk them out of potential situations like these. Unfortunately, this is the firm you’ll be up against, and suing this kind of company won’t be the least easy. Hence, your best shot at getting justice for your car and health is by hiring a truck accident attorney who will match their legal team in arguments or negotiations, as the case may be.

It Might Be More Complex than You Think or See

While facing a truck company on your own is a wrong move that may not end well, you must realize that the incident may be more complex than what meets the eye. Under the Chicago accident law, you have full legal rights to sue truck drivers and demand damages or compensation when the negligence of a truck driver on wheels is the cause of your injury. But you must prove that this driver had a duty of care to be careful on wheels and failed to do so, thereby endangering your life and that of other road users.

Beyond this, the driver may not entirely shoulder the blame and responsibility for the truck accident case. The trucking company can also be held accountable for the incident if it fails to educate the driver on safe driving or allows the driver to get on the road under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It could also be that the truck driver was stressed and was working overtime.

Furthermore, the fault can be traced back to the truck’s manufacturer or the company responsible for maintaining and servicing it. If there’s a defect in the truck’s engine that led to the accident, the truck manufacturer will be liable. As you can see, there’s the possibility of more than one party getting involved in the case, and even the city authorities can find themselves in the mix as responsible parties for the terrible road conditions, which is also a good reason for the accident. You will need the legal expertise of truck accident attorneys to comprehend, interpret, and navigate the intricacies of commercial truck accidents.

You Can Get Non-Economic Damages with a Good Lawyer

An insurance company paying for your medical bills and maybe fixing your car might seem like a reasonable compensation you should take and hold your peace. However, some trucking companies might easily own up to the mistake or pay for the damages when an experienced truck accident lawyer makes a strong argument for your case with a truck accident claim.

A truck accident can incapacitate you for years and push you out of the workforce. Granted, you may have compensation for damages, but you’ve lost your capacity to work for money. If you’re lucky, the accident can reduce your earning capacity and not render you immobile for years.

You need the best truck accident lawyer to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your lost wages or reduction of earning capacity, future medical expenses, and future income loss if the injury is permanent. Yet, it’s never enough.

Those compensations fall under economic damages, and injured truck accident victims can get more compensation for non-economic damages. Non-economic damages entitle you to payments for the emotional agony you went through because of the truck crash, your loss of an active lifestyle, and a reduction in the quality of your life, among other non-tangible losses.

Get Your Rightful Compensation with a Truck Accident Lawyer

Suppose you’ve been injured by a truck driver in an accident. In that case, you can increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve with the legal assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney. A good truck accident lawyer will either stand up for you in court for the trial if need be or ensure insurance adjusters don’t have a field day reducing your compensation.

Dealing with truck drivers or going up against a truck company is a blind move and a bad idea for the reasons we reviewed above.

Get an adequate legal presentation from the best Chicago truck accident law firm with 35 years of experience dealing with cases like this.

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