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Am I Covered For Injuries Caused by Workplace Violence?

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Everyone has certain expectations when they think about the workplace. The idea workplace should be supportive, helpful, and empowering. An individual should be able to step into a workplace and learn, grow, and better themselves.

At the same time, there is a wide variety of workplace settings, and each of them will have different positives and negatives.

In some instances, one may experience some forms of violence in the workplace. Employees may have a question in various more dangerous workplace settings: “am I covered for injuries caused by workplace violence?”

This is a great question, as one seeks to be prepared for various scenarios. Our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers will be pleased to help you find more answers to this question with this simple guide.

If you are interested in learning more about different matters related to worker’s compensation cases and have questions or concerns, reach out to our legal professionals at MJB Law Chicago today.

Our Chicago worker’s compensation lawyers understand how critical it is to advise injured workers to account for their medical bills, lost wages, and work-related injuries.

Violence in the Workplace in Chicago, IL

Workplace violence is a term that covers all sorts of intolerable and harmful behaviors that you may be subjected to in a work environment. Violence occurs in many parts of human society. As part of human society, the workplace is also vulnerable to violence.

Different examples of verbal and physical violence can occur in a workplace, each with varying degrees of violence. Workplace violence comes in two forms. It could be from:

  • a member of your workplace (like an employee, an employer, or a coworker), or
  • A non-member such as visitors, customers, or clients.

Recourse for Injured Workers Due to Violence

It is no doubt that violence tends to cause injuries and damage. Depending on what happened, you may not be covered for your injuries. In a case where the injuries or damages incurred are extensive, treatments, replacements, and repairs would cost a lot. You would require some amount as settlement to take care of this.

If your workplace has the required insurance, you may be entitled to some payment from the insurance company when you develop health issues or sustain injuries due to workplace violence. Generally, your insurance would only payout work-related issues fueled by the violence. Damages from personal issues between parties are not covered by insurance.

Aside from the health insurance a company provides for its employees for illnesses, workers may be compensated by their employer when injuries occur due to workplace violence. The compensation is given only when the violence comes from a workplace member.

An employer would not be responsible for violent behaviors from an outside party. In this case, you should take the issue up with the other party and use legal methods to solve the problem if need be.

During the resolution, your employer may not offer you a settlement. Under the discretion of your lawyer, you can choose to sue your employer. Depending on the situation, you may not be allowed to sue your employer. This is a factor influenced by company laws and constitutional rights.


Steps to Take if Involved in Workplace Violence

You need to take the necessary steps if you get involved in workplace violence. These are steps you have to take to secure the compensation you deserve.

  1. Try to get some evidence on the situation. You can take a photograph or record the scene and the committer. Evidence would help you in court or during settlement. You can also get witnesses to the situation to testify to the event.


  1. Make necessary reports. Report the situation to your employer as soon as it occurs. Report the event as it happened, and back up your report with available proof. You should also report to a nearby local authority and your insurance company.


  1. Get legal advice. Talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer would show you your legal position in the situation. A legal professional at MJB Law Chicago would tell you what steps to take and suggest a lawsuit where necessary. A lawyer at MJB Law Chicago would better represent you during settlement meetings.
  2. Apply for insurance payment. In a case where you have insurance, and it covers the situation on hand, you should apply as soon as you can.
  3. Press charges if necessary. You may need to sue your employer or an outside party, as the case may be. Press charges if necessary. Get some legal advice before making any decisions.


Several violent acts can leave you in shock. You may end up clueless about how to address the situation on hand. Apart from the steps above, let us look at some actions you should take if you have been involved in workplace violence.

Seek Advice from a Workers Compensation Lawyers in Chicago, IL, for the Best Results

A legal professional in Chicago, IL, can check and see if your case falls in line with workers’ compensation law. They could assess your current situation and see if you can move forward with a workers’ compensation claim.

Working with a professional law firm for personal injury matters is critical because the right professional will be up to date on Illinois workers compensation commission matters, personal injury, the Federal Employers Liability Act, and the Illinois Workers Compensation Act.

With that being said, let us look at general steps to be aware of when it comes to violence in the workplace.

  1. Get Help. In a dangerous situation, you need to leave and get help for your safety. You should call the police if you feel you are not safe. You can also call the attention of nearby persons. Seek immediate medical attention for detrimental injuries.
  2. Discuss the situation. Talk with your employer about the event and suggest methods to prevent recurrences. Report the perpetrator to the police and enforce company laws regarding the case. As an employer, try to enforce work safety among workers.


  1. If you happen to witness workplace violence, provide support for the victim and medical attention if necessary. Report the situation to your employer, and provide evidence as well.


  1. If the danger persists after going through all necessary steps, address the situation with your employer. If your employer is not willing to act, apply for a transfer or leave for your safety. Make sure you feel safe in your workplace.


  1. Exposure to extreme violence can cause emotional damage. Try to talk it out with a friend or a specialist if you need help. It would be best if you had your mental health in the best condition to work efficiently.


Ensure you deal with situations thoroughly so they won’t come up again. Prioritize your safety in your workplace.

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