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Defective Construction Equipment Can Lead To Injuries

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Defective construction equipment is the major cause of construction accident cases. In most cases, the construction workers may not be aware of the defects in the equipment. 

As an employer, consider having all equipment pre-checked before use. Bear in mind poor working conditions such as slippery floors lead to accidents, and any worker has the right to claim medical compensation.

When construction equipment malfunctions, they can lead to major harm to the person using the tool and others who are nearby. The hazards of defective power tools may impact workers at construction sites or people just trying to do home improvement work. 

When these tools malfunction, it’s important that you seek the help of a Chicago, IL, personal injury lawyer.


What Is The Most Common Injury In Construction?

Accidents such as broken arms, legs, neck, knees, and elbows are common in a construction site. In Chicago, Illinois states that the employer has to cover medical expenses and give compensation to all employees who lose jobs after serious injuries. 

Accidents such as broken spinal cord and head damage also occur in Chicago construction sites. The workers go through a period of lost wages, long-term pain and suffering, or even wrongful death. If you have lost a loved one through negligence at a construction site, you have to claim compensation.

Involve a lawyer in case the company refuses to grant compensation. They will present a lawsuit and relate it with the compensation laws.


What Are The Various Types Of Construction Injuries?

Injuries are diverse. Some Illinois construction accidents include Head injuries, severed limbs, burns, hearing loss, heatstroke, vision loss, cuts, lacerations, Broken/fractured bones, and spinal cord damage. 

The safety and health administration office makes sure that every Chicago construction worker gets worker’s compensation after the accident. They take control of the lawsuit until the party gets 100 percent of their benefits.


Common Injuries In Construction During Time Off

They include sprains, tears, falls, and slips. The negligence of substances causes slips to spill on the floor and not be cleaned up. To prevent such kinds of accidents, such areas should be kept clean and tidy, with walkways free from clutter.


How Long Do You Have To Report An Injury At work in Illinois?

Illinois law states that a worker must report a workplace injury within 45 days after the accident occurs. If it is an injury from toxic exposure or a repetitive use injury, then the worker must report it 45 days after becoming aware of the workplace cause for the injury. 

Just because you have 45 days to report your injury does not mean that you should wait that long to do so. You should report any accident that occurs in the construction industry the same day that it happens. The longer you wait to report an accident or injury, the easier it may be for your employer to deny your employment compensation claim. 

OSHA (Occupational and Safety Health Administration) protects all workers from all sorts of accidents and diseases in their job line. In cooperation with top Injury attorneys, OSHA makes sure that they help all workers who face health hazards.

Additionally, if you have an accident case and the employer has not handled your case as per the signed contract. Make sure you get directions to practice areas of health administration OSHA so that you get justice. 

They will make sure you get a free consultation, workers compensation claims, and get connected to the bureau of labor statistics.


Construction Injury in Illinois

In the county of Illinois, a relatively good percent of injuries range from minor to catastrophic. Some of the worker’s compensation claims include Back injuries such as herniated disks, knee injuries such as menisci and torn ligaments, Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuffs, sprain and strains, fractures, and broken bones. 

A good number of workers always report negligence injury cases every month.


Worker’s Compensation

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of construction workers file worker’s compensation claims every year? The worker’s compensation system in Chicago is designed to minimize personal injury cases filed by injury attorneys on behalf of workers. 

Illinois workers get a fixed schedule of benefits in exchange for their right to sue. However, there are several exemptions to this provision, most of which apply to Illinois workers due to the complex situations associated with construction sites. If the employee’s condition affects their movement, a vehicle must be on the compensation list.


Can Workers Sue A Construction Site?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor, every construction site must have occupational safety and health cover for its employees. Additionally, before every construction work begins, a site safety signs board must be placed in and outside the site. 

Employees can claim compensation or contact a lawyer to help them get compensation for a work injury. Additionally, Illinois State’s worker’s compensation laws state that injured workers can file civil suits in the following circumstances. 

The employee is disabled while traveling to work or working with another professional in the field. The employee gets an injury while working by a defective product and gets injured due to a violation of workplace safety regulations. Any employee who experiences a construction accident has a right to sue the company. 

They should contact a personal injury attorney or lawyer to place a lawsuit on their behalf. Involving an attorney guarantees that you will get your benefits such as free or paid medical bills and lifetime compensation which can amount to over a million. Over a million compensation depends on the state of the injured employee.


Illinois Construction 3rd Party Claims

The law regulating injured employee’s compensation in Illinois prevents workers from filing lawsuits against employers for workplace injuries. The injured employees have a right to sue other parties that may be responsible for the accident. 

These are known as third parties causes of action. In case you are injured while working at a construction site, and someone else other than your employers is fully or partially responsible for your injury, you can sue them in addition to filing a worker’s compensation claim.


Final Thoughts

If you have suffered a workplace injury while working on a construction site and believe the accident wasn’t your fault, you need to file for compensation. Get familiar with OSHA and let them help you to claim your benefits legally.

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