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Defending Against Solicitation Charges in Chicago And Cook County, Illinois –Series Recap

This is my final post on handling solicitation charges in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding counties. The series covered some important topics to understand if you have been arrested for solicitation or prostitution in Illinois. The topics which I have discussed included:

I understand the impact that arrest for this charge can have on your life, your professional license and your financial livelihood. Illinois law makes it a crime merely to offer sex or related act for money or other trade. It is also a crime to agree to someone else’s offer. There are circumstances under which police use attractive members of their force to solicit men and women at popular hotel bars and those police will solicit sex acts for money or favors. Even agreeing could cause you to be arrested.

There are many ways to handle cases such as these and a Chicago criminal defense attorney can help guide you through the process. A knowledgeable lawyer will also identify any defenses that apply to your particular case and assist you in attaining the best outcome. If you need a plea agreement which will facilitate getting the charge expunged later, or that will help you maintain your professional license or avoid jail time, someone with experience navigating the local system is your best ally. If you are not guilty of the charges and want to proceed to jury trial then an experienced trial attorney is someone you want on your side.


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