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Do I Need a Dog Bite Attorney?

Dog bites happen every single day all across the country. But unfortunately, dog owners and their pets are often unaware of how dangerous they can be when interacting with people who aren’t part of their pack.

When a dog bites a human, it is known as a “dog bite.” It is also known as an “aggression” or an “animal attack,” with one of the most common causes being that the dog felt threatened by something or someone it did not recognize as part of its domain.

Even if your dog has never bitten anyone before, there is still a chance he could snap at any given moment. We all know that dogs are extremely intelligent and have excellent instincts, meaning they could go off whenever they feel threatened or catch even the slightest whiff of something that makes them think it might be time to attack again.

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Dog Attacks And The Kinds Of Injuries They Cause

Various degrees of injuries can be suffered as a result of a dog attack. They include the following:

Puncture Wounds

Nerve Damage


Additionally, a lot of other bacteria other than rabies are found in the mouth of dogs. If bitten by a dog, the victim is at risk of being infected with any of those bacteria. When bacteria are introduced into a person’s bloodstream, they can spread to other vital body organs, leading to serious damage and even death if not promptly treated.

Why Would I Need a Dog Bite Attorney?

Dog bite attacks are traumatic experiences that can cause damage, pain, and suffering to the victim. The services of a dog bite attorney would be required to help you go through such difficult times. While you concentrate on getting medical help for your injuries so your health doesn’t deteriorate, the dog bite attorney will help you handle the legal aspect of the incident.

Below are the top advantages of having a professional lawyer take your case:

  • A professional dog bite lawyer understands the state’s laws and how to implement them to ensure you get adequate compensation if you suffer an animal attack.
  • Every lawyer is not experienced in dealing with personal injury cases. So when you hire a dog bite lawyer to handle your case, you will rest assured that you have the right professional by your side.
  • An expert dog bite attorney has the prowess to negotiate your claims with insurance companies. So you do not have to worry about being denied or underpaid.
  • A dog bite attorney will take his time to research and put together enough resources to ensure you win your case
  • With a dog bite attorney taking up your case, you feel assured of getting justice, knowing you are not alone.

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Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Incident

If bitten by a dog, the victim should quickly take the following steps:

  • Clean up any wounds you may have and seek medical care.

You must painstakingly clean the injuries inflicted by a dog since dogs carry a lot of bacteria in their mouths. After that, irrespective of the degree of the dog bite wound, you must visit the nearest hospital and have doctors examine and treat your wounds. You should also be immunized against a possible rabies infection.

  • Get the contact details of the dog owner

You should get the dog owner’s contact details after a dog bite. You will be required to provide this information during your interactions with the dog bite attorney. The information will also be necessary when trying to get the dog’s medical history.

  • Get witnesses

Besides the pet owner, you should also try to get the contact details of people at the dog attack scene. If you are too distressed to do this, have your loved ones help you out. Witnesses are needed to authenticate your dog bite claim and help prove the negligence of the pet’s owner during the dog bite lawsuit.

  • Inform the Chicago Animal Control

You should inform Chicago Animal Control about what happened to you to prevent such a fate from befalling other unsuspecting locals. It could be that the dog in question has a track record of being aggressive. The animal control unit should be able to stop further attacks.

What Can a Dog Bite Attorney Do?

If you have been injured due to a dog attack, you will want to hold the dog’s owner responsible for the incident. To do so, you will need to hire a competent attorney like Michael Brennan, who will file a lawsuit against the dog owner and make them pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages via a dog bite claim.

Dog bite attorneys like Michael Brennan can help victims of dog attacks get the relief they deserve. He can help victims protect their rights by assisting them in filing personal injury cases against the dog owner and seeking compensation for their damages.

Michael Brennan, an experienced dog bite attorney, can also help you process an insurance claim from the dog owner’s insurance company because he is very skilled in negotiating such claims.

You may have suffered property damage, been injured, or been left with emotional trauma due to the incident. With dog bite attorneys like Michael Brennan, you will get justice.

For professional legal guidance, contact our personal injury lawyer

An animal attack can cause serious injury or death. Therefore, if you have suffered dog bite injuries, you should immediately seek medical treatment following the incident and file a personal injury case against the dog owner.

Dog bite cases are very complex and require the assistance of an experienced dog bite lawyer or a personal injury attorney like Michael Brennan. As a dog bite lawyer, Michael Brennan will be able to inform you of your legal rights and help you protect them.

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