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Dog Owners’ Liability for Bites and Other Injuries: An Overview

The statistics on dog bite injuries in Illinois alone demonstrate how prevalent dog bites are in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it would seem that one of the most cherished pets is the target of far too many attacks, whether intentional or not.

Children and the elderly frequently take an excessive number of bites. Although most of these dog bites result in minor injuries, a few also cause more severe injuries that could have long-term effects.

To comply with the dog bites statutes law, dog owners must keep their pets from hurting people or causing property damage. However, following the Illinois dog bite laws, it is required that you submit a dog bite claim as quickly as you can if you are a dog bite victim.

What To Consider Following A Dog Bite Injury

  1. As a dog bite victim with injuries, the dog’s owner may be obligated to pay your medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. In addition, if the dog owner tries to neglect his responsibility of giving you fair treatment, he might have to face criminal charges.
  1. In a situation where a dog bite incident happens off the owner’s property, the owner’s liability insurance will have to pay the injured person’s damages after a dog attack.
  1. The two parties (the victim and the dog’s owner) must take necessary action to protect their legal rights following a dog attack.

Legal Responsibility For Dog Bite Case

Different legal measures are taken in response to this situation. First, all states have laws that, in certain situations, hold dog owners liable for any harm or damage that their pets may cause. Many states, however, adhere to a time-tested guideline— the “one free bite” rule.

This law favors the dog owner in the sense that they are not held liable for any injuries caused by their pets until they have actual knowledge that such injuries may result from the dog. On the contrary, dog-bite statutes in some states allow the owners of dogs to be responsible for their pet’s actions, whether they knew or were unaware of the dog’s temperament.

Nevertheless, if you are a dog bite injury victim, you are liable to file a lawsuit and get the compensation you are entitled to.

What Action Should The Dog Bite Victims Take?

Following a dog bite or other dog-related injury, you should take the following actions as quickly as possible. It’s not easy going through the pain of a dog bite without caring for the wound.

1. Get Medical Attention And Clean Up Any Wounds

You should clean your wounds as completely as you can because dogs can carry various types of bacteria. You should be taken to a hospital if your wounds are serious so the staff can clean and dress them against infection or other diseases. Moreover, keep copies of your bills and records of any visits to the hospital or doctor’s office.

2. Get The Dog’s Owner’s Name and Contact Details

Following any event, it’s critical to record the dog owner’s contact information. These details will be necessary if a lawyer or other party has to confirm the vaccination record of the dog that bit someone. In addition, you might need to find out if the owner is covered by liability insurance.

3. Identify Any Witnesses And Get Their Contact Details

Make sure you, or someone who cares about you, ask any witnesses present during the dog attack for their contact details. Witnesses can be crucial in validating an incident’s facts and offering further information.

4. Take Pictures Of The Scene

Just as the saying goes, “Seeing is believing,” it’s crucial to take pictures of the dog, your visible wounds, and anything else nearby that can help prove your account of events when reporting the case to your injury lawyer.

5. Report to Chicago Animal Control Authorities

It is important that you report the incident to Chicago animal control so they can begin an investigation. If things become serious in court, you might use that information to your advantage while haggling with the dog owner or the insurance administrator.

Legal Compensation For Dog Bite Injury Claims

It would be best if you spoke with a lawyer to defend your rights following a dog attack on you or someone you know. Animal control regulations in Illinois let plaintiffs hold the owner accountable for any losses resulting from a dog bite. If the monetary losses are moderate, our knowledgeable Chicago dog bite attorneys can assist you through the arbitration procedure, where you would settle on fair compensation.

However, plaintiffs may move the matter to a trial court if the dog attack led to more severe injuries and a fair settlement is close to being reached. Regardless of the type of dog attack you experienced, contact a local, skilled Chicago dog bite lawyer who can assist you in establishing liability and recovering damages.


Choosing MBJ Lawyers to take your dog bite cases will provide the groundwork for a solid case regarding your injuries. We will go all out to speak with any witnesses and gather evidence that will establish liability in your dog bite lawsuit case. We will also speak to the insurance companies and request payment on your behalf. You can rest assured that we won’t think twice about going to court to defend your rights if the insurance provider refuses to reach a fair settlement.


It can be traumatic to be the victim of a dog attack and sustain injuries. Victims often get heartbreaking, not getting the justice they deserve from the dog owners and how insurance firms handle them.

MJBlaw professionals are competent legal representatives to hire for the assistance you require following your dog bite injury.

To schedule a free case evaluation, contact our firm right away. We stand up for dog bite victims across Illinois.

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