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Is Brain Injury A Permanent Disability?

Is Brain Injury A Permanent Disability?

For someone who has suffered a brain injury as a result of an accident, that incident might discontinue such individual normal living activities. The brain is a complex organ that manages all bodily functions that keep us alive. It maintains our balance, how we talk, walk, eat, and do all sorts of things.

That being said, normal brain activity can be disrupted by a heavy bang or blow on the head. However, traumatic brain injury can result from a swift hit or shock to the head and have a negative effect on a person’s standard way of life.

A person with a severe brain injury may be unable to earn a living or remain agile in their work activities for the rest of their life.

In a situation like this, traumatic brain injury victims are eligible to file a claim for disability benefits. Therefore, it would be best if you had the backing of experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers to support your claim with legal evidence.

Which Brain Injury Is A Permanent Disability?

Traumatic brain injury, also known as an intracranial injury, is an abrupt brain injury brought on by a traumatic event or outside force, such as a head injury sustained in a vehicle accident, a bad fall or slip, or a gunshot wound.

It might be difficult to determine whether patients with traumatic brain injuries will recover fully because TBI has different effects. For example, its symptoms might range from minimal to severe, depending on how much brain tissue has been lost.

There have been instances where sufferers of mild traumatic brain injuries have fully recovered, in contrast to those with severe ones who frequently experience the trauma’s aftereffects for the rest of their lives. The result of this is that a mild traumatic brain injury causes less severe damage to the brain.

However, a few TBI patients who are fortunate enough to get adequate care will be able to continue living healthy, regular lives. Unfortunately, the majority of the most severe TBIs can leave patients permanently disabled, which can significantly impact many parts of their lives.

There are common long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries:

  • Sensory problem
  • Dizziness
  • Migraine
  • Communication and language problems
  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • Memory problem
  • Cognitive problem

Kinds of Brain Injuries

The skull protects the brain from potentially harmful external factors. Nevertheless, the brain can still suffer from internal or external causes. For this reason, there are two main types of brain injuries:

• Traumatic Brain Injuries

As discussed earlier, traumatic brain injuries are caused by an external force that interferes with the brain’s normal operation. Therefore, even though TBI problems might linger for years, those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries shouldn’t give up.

There are various types of traumatic brain injuries. Some of these are listed below:

  • Closed-head injury: This type of injury happens when an external object affects the brain from outside the skull. Usually resulting from a fatal accident, a critical hit on the floor, and rigorous head shaking.It could eventually lead to brain trauma and result in fluid buildup, hemorrhage, tissue damage, intracranial pressure, bruising, and bruises.
  • Open head or penetrating brain injury: This injury type gets triggered when there is a strike in the skull through a foreign object. For instance, when a bullet struck the brain.
  • Toxic injury: As the name implies, it occurs when toxic materials or chemical agents find a way to enter the brain cells and damage or kill them.

• Non-traumatic Acquired Brain Injuries

Internal factors are the major cause of these types of injuries, unlike traumatic brain injuries. These factors include exposure to toxins, lack of oxygen, and brain tumor pressure. It can result from a disease, cardiac arrest, aneurysm, etc.

There are causes of acquired brain injury. These include:

  • Anoxic or hypoxic brain injury – This is a result of no oxygen or a shortage of oxygen to the part of the brain.
  • Stroke – A stroke occurs when the brain’s blood supply is interrupted, and the brain’s cells start to deteriorate. The two common causes of blockages (embolisms) in the brain are blood clots or atherosclerosis—which causes the arteries to narrow. The event is called a cerebral infarct or ischemic stroke.

Victims of traumatic brain injury may be liable to receive financial support for any lost wages and disability brought upon them by the injury when they file a traumatic brain injury lawsuit. However, this won’t be possible without the legal support of brain injury attorneys.

Benefits for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Oftentimes, traumatic brain injuries result from negligence on other people’s parts. These are incidents that could have been avoided. The most severe and prolonged of all TBI symptoms is that patients may experience memory loss. In several cases, patients with these symptoms find it difficult to build and grow a career.

Therefore, victims may have the right to make a traumatic brain injury claim to sue the responsible party for their losses and inability. However, a skilled traumatic brain injury lawyer will assess the merits of your case and help you through the process of obtaining the disability benefits you are entitled to.

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