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Legal responsibilities to remember as a responsible dog owner

Joliet Dog Bite Lawsuit

Michael J. Brennan is a personal injury lawyer and a Joliet dog bite lawyer with an exceptional reputation for receiving numerous compensations in Illinois for many clients in dog bite lawsuits. The state of Illinois is a strict liability region. This means if a dog causes injury or death to a person in a legally-permitted place, the dog’s owner is often held liable, so long as the attack by the dog was unprovoked. The dog owner was held strictly responsible.

Legal Responsibilities to Remember as a Responsible Dog Owner

Like any other city in Illinois, Joliet recognizes the need for legislation to prevent attack and injury by dogs that their owner improperly maintains. The Illinois Animal Control Act also provides a remedy for victims of vicious dog attacks.

Common Injuries from Dog Bites

Dog bites may seem straightforward as puncture wounds, bruises, or cuts. However, an injury from a dog bite can easily escalate into a more serious condition. Some of the injuries from dog bites include:

· Head and neck injuries

· Facial and eye injuries

· Broken bones

· Psychological effects

· Nerve damage

A dog bite might lead to illnesses such as:

· Cellulitis

· Strep infections

· Staph infections

· Sepsis

· Rabies

If you have suffered any one of these injuries, you could lose wages at work and deal with expensive mental health counseling, physical therapy, and medical bills, to name just a few. You will need the assistance of a highly-skilled dog bite attorney like Michael J. Brennan to file personal injury claims on your behalf.

Dangerous vs. Vicious Dogs

According to Joliet ordinances, the definitions of dangerous and vicious dogs are as follows:

Dangerous Dog

Other than a police dog, a dangerous dog is any individual dog that, when unmuzzled, unattended, or unleashed by its custodian or owner, behaves in a way that any reasonable individual would believe poses an imminent unjustified threat of causing physical injury to an individual or companion animal.

Vicious Dog

Other than a police dog, a vicious dog attacks an individual or companion animal without justified cause, causing severe physical injury or death. A vicious dog is also a dangerous dog in two separate incidences.

Dog Bites and Attacks are Serious

Personal injury from a dog attack or dog attack can cause a profound life-changing impact on the victim. Medical costs from dog attacks or dog bites are significantly higher than other personal injuries.

A State Farm Report, insurance claims of close to ten million dollars were paid out due to dog bites or dog attacks in 2010 in Illinois alone. In 2020, Illinois was ranked sixth overall in the U.S., with 290 dog attacks on postal workers. In one report, it was reported that the Pit Bull caused 284 deaths between 2005 and 2017.

Therefore, you should not downplay the seriousness of knowing your legal responsibilities as a dog owner. If you are unaware of these regulations in Illinois or find yourself in violation of them, contact attorney Michael J. Brennan for excellent legal advice and representation.

Liability Insurance Required for a Vicious Dog

You require liability insurance to keep a vicious dog in Illinois. Maintaining or keeping a legally-categorized vicious dog is unlawful unless the dog owner acquires and owns occurrence-based liability insurance. This insurance policy should have a limit of a minimum of 100,000 dollars.

This insurance must be issued by an insurance company authorized to operate in Illinois. It should also cover third-party claims connected with property damage or physical injury caused by the vicious dog. A current insurance certificate evidencing the coverage will be filed with the Joliet city manager.

Our Joliet dog bite lawyers are well-versed with Illinois law regarding dog ownership. The dog owner must also file the updated insurance certificate with the city manager after renewing it. Additionally, the dog owner requires proof of liability insurance when getting a license tag for a vicious dog. Sounds a bit confusing?

Dog Ordinances in Joliet, IL

Owning and keeping your canine friend within the limits of Joliet City is covered in Chapter 6, Article II of the local Joliet municipal code. The ordinances include:

Running at Large

Section 6-22 prohibits dogs from running at large in the public areas within the limits of Joliet city.

Licenses and Collars

Section 6-21 states that all dogs must wear a collar with an updated license tag and be leashed on public streets, alleyways, sidewalks, and other public places.


Section 6-29 states that dog keepers and owners must control them to ensure they do not howl, bark, cry, whine habitually, or growl, causing a neighborhood disturbance.

Dog Bites

According to Section 6-51, all dogs known to bite anyone shall be confined by the local rabies inspector for evaluation and observation by a certified veterinarian. The victims of the dog bites must also report the incidence to the county health department or local law enforcement.

Why Hire our Joliet, IL Dog Bite Lawyers?

After a dog attack or dog bite, you must have many expenses, including prescription drugs, medical bills, etc. To get some justice, you should hire the expertise of a highly experienced dog bite and dog attack lawyer like Michael J. Brennan.

Our law firm will meticulously look into your dog attack or bite case and evaluate the facts of the subject through verifiable evidence. This is to determine if the dog owner followed their duty of care. Once selected, you should get compensation, and we will evaluate the fair amount of monetary compensation the dog owner owes you. We take into account:

· How much do you owe the doctor or hospital for medical expenses.

· How long do you have to take time off from work due to the dog bite injury.

· How much money do you require for future medical care.

· Any time off you require away from work in the future due to your dog bite injuries.

· Your pain and suffering.

For more information about legal assistance after a dog bite or attack, visit Michael J. Brennan at our office in Chicago, IL. You can also call 708-460-9300 for a free consultation.

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