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Long-term effects of concussion to a person’s brain and how to determine who is responsible

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What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a medical condition that occurs due to an impact on the head or violent movement of the head. A blow to the head or a collision are both examples of head impact injuries. Serious effects cause damage to the brain, leading to serious concussions and brain injuries. Sources of head injuries include sports, violence, and accidents.

A concussion is associated with self-diagnosable temporary cognitive symptoms that wear off in about ten days. Some symptoms include nausea, tinnitus, ‘heaviness’ in the head, and loss of strength, memory, or coordination. A concussion may be preceded by loss of consciousness.

Concussions are part of the symptoms that come with serious head injuries. A concussion is self-curing, and the process can be aided with basic methods like sleeping and resting. A concussion could lead to brain injuries in some cases. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention if you notice any concussion symptoms.

Medical professionals can point out traumatic brain injury symptoms and provide more information if there is a severe brain injury condition.

After you seek medical attention, you can seek help finding out if you have a traumatic brain injury case by consulting with our lawyers.

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Long-Term Effects of Concussions

After impact, the symptoms of concussion you may experience are temporary and can be cured in the short term. These symptoms do not manifest for more than two weeks.

However, there are long-term effects that a concussion leaves on a patient’s brain. This condition is called persistent post-concussion syndrome. It is a result of new symptoms surfacing or temporary symptoms persisting. When a person suffers from this condition, there are changes in the brain’s functions and responses. This medical condition may last for months or years.

A concussion is a traumatic injury, and traumas long-term affect patients. Even when a patient’s concussion has been cured, a concussion may permanently affect the brain. Listed below are some of the long-term effects of trauma.


  1. Memory Problems: Loss of memory is a temporary symptom of concussion. Persistence of memory loss is a long-term effect of trauma. Another memory problem patients develop fuzzy memories. It is a case where retained memories are distorted. Extended periods of memory problems would affect a patient’s daily life.


  1. Complications: It was discovered that patients who suffer a second brain injury during post-concussion syndrome take longer to heal. Even after it has been cured, people who suffer from concussions are more prone to brain damage. Traumas may leave permanent injuries on the brain or worsen existing conditions. If brain damage occurs with a concussion, its symptoms may become permanent or hard to treat.


  1. Anxiety and Depression: A concussion does not necessarily cause anxiety or depression. It heightens the effects of both conditions when they occur, making a patient more susceptible to them. People who have already suffered from anxiety or depression before also observe heightened symptoms. Apart from depression and anxiety, concussions affect other psychological problems as well.


  1. Behavioral Changes: Experts have observed changes in behavior and emotion of people who suffer from post-concussion syndrome. These changes are not permanent. However, they could be pronounced while they run their course.


  1. Decrease in Lifespan: Statistics have shown that people who have suffered from a concussion may reduce 4 to 9 years in life expectancy. Part of the long-term problems associated with trauma is reduced life expectancy.


  1. Physiological Challenges: When a person suffers from a prolonged concussion, they may develop some physiological changes. Some of these include increased sensitivity to light and sound, continuous ringing in the ear, disorders in taste and smell, blurry vision, and disruption in sleep patterns.


  1. Concentration: A person who has suffered from a concussion may have trouble concentrating on tasks and develop other cognitive challenges. Permanent damage to the brain’s frontal lobe poses challenges to mental processes.


What (or Who) Caused my Concussion?

Due to the trauma that comes with a concussion and some of its symptoms (like headaches, nausea, and dizziness), it is possible to tell if and when you have a concussion and who or what may have caused it. The impact required for concussions should be quite noticeable.

On the other hand, it is possible to sustain light concussions while engaged in rigorous activity, and it may become impossible to tell when and if you had an impact. Try to keep calm and recollect the events around the first time you noticed the symptoms. You may feel pain around the region where the crash happened. Try to remember when you felt a touch in that region.

It is possible to lose the memory of the surrounding events that led to a concussion on rare occasions. Such a concussion is usually caused by a heavy blow and a loss of consciousness. In this situation, you won’t be able to tell what happened until you recollect the event or talk to a witness.

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The symptoms or effects of a concussion may be mild and short-term. This, however, does not mean you are fully cured. Seek medical attention if you begin to observe any symptoms of concussion.

Sports and athletics are activities that can cause a concussion. Ensure you stick with the rules and play safe to avoid traumas. If you are already experiencing a concussion, abstain from or reduce your athletic activities.

Concussions are a tricky subject because they involve the brain. If you get a concussion, make sure you follow through with your treatment to avoid future complications.




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