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The Role of Evidence in Burn Injury Claims

Burn injuries are a major public health concern globally, given the high rate of occurrence and serious burn injuries suffered by individuals directly affected by severe burn incidents. Burn injuries are considered serious accidents, which is why there’s room for burn injury victims to file a lawsuit.

These claims succeed if you have evidence to prove that your accident was due to the negligence of a third party and the burn accident was in no way your fault. Keep reading to learn more about the role of evidence in burn claims.

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Burn Injuries Claims and Lawsuit

The devastating effect of burn injuries is much more than their obvious physical damages and traumatic injuries on life. It also comes with emotional distress for burn victims. The severity of burn injuries varies depending on the degree of the burn, with first-degree burns being the least severe of all types. Fourth-degree burns are the most severe and can result in death if medical care isn’t given on time.

While some burn injury cases are purely accidental and nothing could’ve been done to prevent the victims, in most cases, it’s due to somebody else’s negligence. In such cases of negligence, individuals suffer from severe burns as a result of poor implementation of the necessary safety measures, irresponsible use of equipment, or handling hazardous chemicals without proper protective measures in place.

An individual who suffered a burn injury directly due to another person’s negligence or deliberate wrongdoing has the right to file a burn injury lawsuit. This lawsuit should be filed as soon as possible with the help of an attorney. Burn injury cases grant you the opportunity to get fairly compensated for your losses.

If you’re considering filing a burn injury claim, there are certain things you need to prove to get the desired outcome. You’ve got to prove that the other party must maintain a safe environment to prevent any hazards. Besides that, you will also need to prove that the other party failed to carry out the duty, which led to your suffering severe burns.

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Statistics and Facts Regarding Burn Injuries

Severe burn injuries are one of the leading causes of disability-adjusted life years globally. Close to 450,000 individuals suffer burn Injuries in the United States each year. The burn injuries are so severe that these individuals require medical care. About 45,000 individuals, including children and adults, are hospitalized for burn injuries yearly, and about 25,000 of them are admitted to specialized burn centers.

The common causes of severe burn injuries are electrical cord fires, flammable liquids, car accidents, fire from explosions, welding, chemical plant explosions, hot machines, and equipment, smoking, and many others.

Burn injuries occur mainly in the workplace and at home. Nearly 42% of workplace injuries involve workers getting burned. US work-related fires and explosions cause up to 5,000 burn injuries annually. Some workplaces expose workers to open flames, electric currents, and sparks, which explains the figures. Most of these burn injury incidents could’ve been prevented if proper security measures had been put in place and implemented.

Evidence in Burn Injuries

A burn injury lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit, and like every other legal case, you need evidence to support your case to get the deserved verdict. Seeking medical attention immediately after the incident is essential, and while you’re receiving treatment for your burn injuries, ensure you’re documenting the injuries. The injuries obtained during the incident serve as evidence to support you in court.

Grave burn injuries heal upon receiving good treatment over time, which is why it’s important to take pictures of your injuries at every stage of the healing process. When the time comes for your evidence to be evaluated in court, the images will help the judge know the severity of your burn.

Documenting your injuries for a personal injury case is extremely important because if your burn case goes to trial, it will take months or even years before your evidence is evaluated. You can also keep a pain journal to document your emotions and feelings during your recovery. This may also be helpful with your burn injury case.

Medical reports are also important evidence in a burn injury case. Obtain a medical report for all the time you spent receiving treatment for the burn injuries, including all the procedures you underwent and their cost. Having all your evidence well organized will help you greatly with your case.

Compensation for Burn Injuries

Compensation for severe burn injuries varies depending on the severity of individual damages so as to ensure a fair settlement. Filing a burn injury claim allows you to get full compensation for the full extent of your burn injuries. This compensation includes lost wages, medical treatment, the degree of disability, and pain and suffering. Highlighted below are the things you can seek compensation for with an injury lawsuit.

  • Plastic surgery.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Counseling.
  • Medical bills.
  • Prescription costs.
  • Disfigurement.
  • Medical expenses.

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Let A Professional and Experienced Burn Injuries Attorney Help You With Your Burn Injuries Case in Illinois.

Whether you or one of your loved ones have suffered traumatic burn injuries due to negligence in Illinois, our experienced burn injury lawyers at Michael J. Brennan can help you get deserved compensation.

We understand how horrible this experience is, so our team of lawyers specializing in personal injury is readily available to assist with your burn injury cases. We will handle your case from start to finish to ensure you get maximum compensation without experiencing any hassle.

We work with leading experts to thoroughly investigate how the incident happened to find the negligent party who will be held legally responsible for your injuries. Aside from that, we also work with professionals to prove occupational rehabilitation to ensure you get the most compensation we can.

If you or your loved one sustains burn injuries due to the intentional wrongdoing of somebody else, it’s only right for that person to be held responsible.

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