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Understanding Chicago, Illinois Penalties For Possession Of Methamphetamine

This is the next post in my series on the handling of methamphetamine related offenses in Chicago, Illinois. My last post provided an overview of topics I will be discussing and stressed the need to contact an attorney if you have been arrested for a “meth” related offense. It is important to understand that prosecutors aggressively pursue charges involving this drug and that you need quality representation. In this article I will be discussing another important topic – Illinois’ penalties for drug possession charges which involve methamphetamine.

While public perception towards marijuana and other drugs may be changing, the view towards methamphetamine is not. Possession of the drug will lead to prosecution and trafficking of the narcotic is a charge which a Judge will have no patience for. Illinois penalties for being caught with methamphetamine consist of the following ranges:

  • A Class 2 felony and three to seven years in prison for an amount of less than five grams
  • A Class 1 felony and four to fifteen years in prison for an amount of five to fifteen grams
  • A Class X felony and six to thirty years in prison for an amount of fifteen to one hundred grams

Additional penalties and fines will be levied for greater amounts. A defendant may also find themselves facing drug trafficking charges. In addition to serving a prison sentence a defendant will find themselves with a permanent criminal record, being disqualified from many forms of employment, being unable to pass a background check, and being prohibited from owning or even possessing a firearm.

It is important to understand that many methamphetamine related cases often involve other charges. It is common for defendants to be found in possession of the drug after having been stopped for another offense. If you are arrested for burglary, theft, or some other offense then the police will have the right to search your person as part of the arrest. If they find drugs then you will also be charged with possession. If you are convicted of burglary and possession of methamphetamine then the Judge will have the option of running the sentence for each offense consecutively. This means that you will serve the sentence for one offense before time begins to count for the second offense.

Another important point is that it is common for a firearm to be found when police make a meth arrest. Possession of a gun will elevate the charges and you will likely face an even lengthier prison sentence. It is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance.

I am a former prosecutor with over thirty years of legal experience. I have handled many drug-related matters and believe that everyone is entitled to the most rigorous defense. Contact my office today to speak with a Chicago drug possession attorney.

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