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What a Car Accident Does to Your Body


No one goes out of their house planning an accident. It’s one of the unexpected eventualities that happen to humans. But there are ways we can reduce the effect on ourselves.

A report by the U.S. Commission, ASIRT, shows that traffic accidents are the major cause of death among people aged 5 to 29. A car accident in Chicago happens regardless of who is involved, so long as a reckless driver is at the wheel.

This article reveals the damage that auto accidents cause to our cars and bodies and how we can reduce the effect on ourselves.

Car Accidents and Science

The science of car crashes is very simple yet confusing. Sometimes you wonder why a traffic crash doesn’t affect the occupant while the car is completely wrecked. At the same time, some affect the car and its occupants.

Regardless of your position before any accident in Chicago, the impact is usually grievous to the body. Whether the car collided at the side, front, or back, the damage is determined by the level of friction between both vehicles.

How it Affects Your Body

Although when the car stops abruptly, it is designed to take the greater part of the shock, sometimes the shock may be too much to bear. At this point, the passenger also shares the shock with the car.

The car occupants lurch forward until they are stopped by either hitting their chests or their heads against the steering wheels, dashboards, or windscreen. In worse scenarios, they completely come out of the car through the windscreen.

car crash

The Outcome of Car Accident Damage to Your Body

Ideally, seeking medical help immediately after an accident is what every accident victim should do. Whether it involves a motorcycle, a minivan, a car, or a truck,

Also, you may have just been involved in a high-speed crash on Chicago’s South road, on the Dan Ryan Expressway, or on any of the city streets that may have placed you in critical condition. Whether people died or were injured at the scene, it is imperative that you see a doctor immediately.

Although, due to the “flight or fight impulse,” you will not feel pain at the accident site.

Here are some common injuries that come with a fatal crash, a hit-and-run crash, or a multi-vehicle crash.

#1. Spinal Cord Injury

An auto accident can result in a spinal cord injury. This occurs when the spinal cord or its tissues—ligaments, vertebrae, and discs—get hit by an object.

The force of the object can cause the vertebra or other tissues to break or crack. An injury from an auto accident can cause the spinal cord to sustain internal bleeding.

When a spinal cord injury isn’t attended to and ends up spreading to other parts, it can cause the victim to be totally bedridden. Therefore, after an accident, whether you feel pain or not, ensure you get medical attention.

#2. Brain Injury

Brain injury ranges from minor to severe injury. It occurs when an object hits the head during a crash or when the victim hits their head against an object.

Therefore, severe headaches, confusion, and the inability to remember incidents are symptoms that the brain has been injured.

#3. Broken Bone Injury

Broken bones are a common injury that victims experience during auto crashes. It includes the arm, leg, wrist, and ankle. Also, sprains and strains are common after an auto accident.

Victims of accidents who experience a broken bone in any part of the body should ensure that they see an orthopedic doctor. This ensures the bones are straightened, or surgeries are performed on the affected part.

#4. Internal Organ Injury

The victims may not realize they have been injured as they will not experience a physical injury. This injury includes kidney damage, laceration, or rupture of a blood vessel.

You can sustain an internal organ injury when a flying object in the car hits you or when you hit your chest against the wheel.

Possible Outcomes of Car Accidents Damage to Your Car

Car accidents can leave your vehicle totally or partially damaged. It only depends on the severity of the clash. Perhaps you were hit from the rear or side or had a head-on collision.

The type of vehicle that hits yours also determines what sort of wreck your vehicle will experience. Let’s examine what you should do in both cases.

serious injuries

#1. Car Completely Wrecked Beyond Repair

Vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, or mass transit buses can cause havoc to your vehicle, especially if you own a small vehicle for personal use.

Your vehicle can be completely damaged if the effect is more on the sides, front, or back. A side collision will affect the door and window on one side of your vehicle. In worse scenarios, the damage affects the interior of the vehicle.

When you get hit in the front, your vehicle’s engine is affected or completely damaged, affecting the dashboard, airbags, and windscreen. In worse scenarios, the driver’s and front passenger’s seats get completely ruined.

When the effect comes from the back, your vehicle may be pushed into hitting another vehicle before you run into a ditch.

#2. Car Wrecked But Can Be Repaired

This accident affects only the bodily aspect of your vehicle, which includes the door, trunk, or side mirror.

This is when you experience an accident whose effect is not so damaging to your vehicle but will still cost a fortune to repair.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Illinois

At any moment your vehicle is involved in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you shouldn’t bear the pain alone. File a complaint at the Chicago Police Department and make a report; ensure your case is documented with the Illinois State Police.

Likewise, get yourself checked medically. Then you can get the medical and car repair bills paid while seeking the help of an attorney in Chicago to speak for you.

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