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What Should I Look For in a Truck Accident Attorney?

Negligence of any kind from the truck driver can lead to a truck accident and result in personal injury. Even when you know you are not at fault, as an injured person, you need to show evidence of your not-at-fault to the insurance company or in court to be able to make accident injury claims. This is where a truck accident attorney comes in. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help you file a claim and continue the court proceedings.

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Doing that yourself could be time-consuming, tasking, and resource-draining. Besides, you don’t have the time or comfort to do that. Instead, you should focus on taking care of yourself, responding to treatment, recovering from the injury, and getting back on your feet.

Why do you need a truck accident lawyer?

As a lot is involved in making truck accident lawsuits, you would stand a better chance if you sought the services of truck accident attorneys to work on your behalf.

Things to include in the case may involve the collection of evidence, meeting and interviewing witnesses, identifying with the liable parties such as the commercial trucks company, the truck manufacturer, the insurance company, the shipping company that loaded the cargo, government entities, etcetera.

On your own, you may not be able to handle all that yourself. However, a truck injury lawyer can handle all that for you to ensure you receive fair compensation for your accident injury.

But what should you look for in a truck accident attorney?

You need not just any truck accident attorney but one who can guarantee success. Unfortunately, many lawyers claim to be competent accident injury lawyers when they are not, making it difficult to find the right attorney to handle your truck accident cases.

However, there are qualities to look out for when looking for the right truck accident injury lawyer to represent your accident case.

Take a look at a few below:

Access to advanced resources

Sometimes handling a personal injury case may require beyond the resources available to the lawyer. The lawyer would have to source resources externally from industry experts. Check if the injury attorney you intend to employ has a connection and network with other experienced personal injury lawyers before hiring him.

A lawyer who puts the client’s interest first

No doubt, some lawyers are selfish and self-centered. They don’t put the interests of their clients first, but rather theirs. A personal injury lawyer who does not consider your interests before his cannot be a good one for your accident injury claims. He’ll indeed work for his selfish gains.

A lawyer who has handled a similar case

Injury law is a vast area that encompasses many aspects such as accident injury, dog bite injury, slip and fall injury, and others. Your case involves a truck accident injury and requires the services of an injury lawyer who has previously handled a truck accident injury case. Therefore, you need to look for a truck accident injury lawyer with proof of similar cases he has dealt with before and what was the outcome of the case. This will guide you in your decision.


Sometimes people make an informed decision after reading through the reviews of an organization. It’s a great platform that can give you reliable information and guidance on your choices. Therefore, you need to read through the reviews of other clients who have engaged their services to find out what they think about the lawyer or law firm. If the reviews are positive, you can hire them, and if they are negative, you can as well make an informed decision.

Pay if you win the case

Some personal injury lawyers are considerate and would welcome an accident claim case only to be paid if the case is won based on an agreement. That is considerate enough. You need the services of a personal injury lawyer to handle your truck accident case.

Look for honesty and transparency

Many lawyers are not who they present themselves to be. This is something you should know. Even as a client, who is suffering an accident injury, a dishonest lawyer may still want to take undue advantage of your case to his advantage. It could be in the area of fraudulent fee charges or not being very truthful with you by informing you of the potential of the accident. Try to avoid any personal injury lawyer with an element of dishonesty and no transparency.

Free consultation and no upfront fee

Most accident injury lawyers know that they can win compensation claims if they can establish the case well. Therefore, they accept free consultations and request no upfront fee. Look out for this kind of injury lawyer who neither asks for a consultation fee nor requests an upfront payment.

Years of experience

Experience has proven to be a valuable asset nobody can overlook. Before you hire any injury attorney, check how many years and decades the law firm has existed and explore their years of experience to determine whether they can successfully handle your case or not. A truck accident attorney with decades of experience will handle your accident claims better than an inexperienced one, using the knowledge and insights he has built over the years.

Need expert legal representation for your truck accident claim in Illinois? Michael J. Brennan is the best truck accident lawyer to trust.

If you or a loved one is a truck accident victim, you are probably in pain and considering your options.

You shouldn’t have to take on the insurance company by yourself to get the compensation you are due. Truck accident lawyers can deal with the insurance adjuster and complete all necessary paperwork in your case, allowing you to recover and concentrate on your family’s needs.

Michael J. Brennan is aware of the high cost of medical care and that it can be difficult for you to pay while we discuss your compensation. Michael J. Brennan has proven over the years to show great efficacy in truck crash cases, car accidents, and other cases as well.

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