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When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing criminal charges and possible jail time in Illinois, competent legal representation can help you navigate every scenario.

Not only those who have committed crimes or are facing criminal charges should hire a defense attorney. While a competent and dedicated defense attorney can help you fight for your rights if you have committed a crime, there are also many situations when you should consider hiring a defense attorney.

Here are a few instances of how defense attorneys can assist you in navigating tricky situations.

The Right Scenarios to Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys

Your child is in legal trouble.

The juvenile justice system operates differently than the adult justice system. Without the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, navigating Illinois’ juvenile courts can be challenging due to their many peculiarities and rules.

You are facing a criminal charge or accusation.

A defense attorney can assist you with less serious offenses like shoplifting and cyberstalking as well as more serious ones like manslaughter and sexual assault.

Regardless of the charges you are facing, the legal system is complicated, and without the guidance and assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, things might get much worse.

Your residence is searched

If the police arrive at your house with a warrant, a judge has reason to suspect that there is evidence of a crime at your residence. Whether they find and take anything or not, you should get in touch with a seasoned defense attorney to discuss what transpired and get their guidance and help on what charges you might face or where they might search next.

Police or federal investigators question you

The police may try to coax you into coming in and providing a statement under the guise that you are not under arrest. The police may try to make you feel at ease so that you will divulge information that they can use against you if they suspect you of committing a crime but do not have enough proof to place you under arrest. You have the right to have a criminal defense attorney present while being interrogated.

Your property is seized

Illinois and federal law allow law enforcement agencies to seize money, vehicles, land, and other property they believe to be connected to or generated from illicit activity. But, then, dealing with the procedure of getting your property back can be a burden. You can reclaim your property with the help of a defense attorney.

You’ve been wrongfully accused of committing a crime.

It can be very challenging to establish your innocence when law enforcement officers, a judge, or a prosecutor believe you committed a crime that you didn’t, particularly if you’ve had legal issues in the past. However, it is not proper to ignore your rights just because you have made mistakes in the past. You’ll need the legal services of criminal lawyers to fight for your innocence if you want the best chance of being cleared.

To get your criminal record expunged

There are ways to get certain criminal records expunged if you have committed crimes in the past and would like to move on. Additionally, some criminal accusations and charges have the potential to damage your image or record even if you are proven not guilty in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you through the complex process of determining if you are eligible for expungement.

Reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer

Here are the top five reasons you should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

They have a good understanding of the Judicial System

The first and most crucial reason to employ a skilled criminal lawyer is their familiarity with the legal system. It can be perplexing, even for those who deal with the legal system daily. However, a seasoned, skilled defense attorney is familiar with criminal law and the complex procedures of the courts and can assist you in navigating them according to your particular case.

They have already handled cases like yours.

A seasoned criminal defense lawyer specializes in cases involving criminal charges. They have dealt with situations that are possibly very similar to yours. As a result, they know what must be done to give their clients the best possible outcome in each case.

They’ve established relationships with prosecutors

Defense attorneys build ties with their counterparts (prosecuting attorneys) after spending a lot of time in the legal profession. Even though it could seem strange to get along with an adversary, both parties recognize that everyone benefits when people get acquainted with one another. Therefore, the success of your case may depend significantly on whether you have a lawyer who has a solid working relationship with the prosecuting attorney.

They Can protect your future

An experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer can advocate for you and protect your future. If the police obtained evidence against you unlawfully, a good lawyer might be able to get your charges dropped, your fines scaled back, or even your case canceled. They can keep a felony off your criminal record and save you from ruining your career by dropping your charges.

They can assess the behavior of law enforcement

Competent criminal defense lawyers have spent years studying the intricacies of proper procedure and spotting any blind spots or legal loopholes. They are aware of the restrictions placed on police investigators and can look into all potential ways in which the investigators may have violated the rights of the accused.

Get the Help You Need Today Without Further Delay

Trying to navigate the criminal justice system yourself is risky and frustrating. However, a skilled, seasoned criminal attorney can manage the technical and procedural parts of the criminal case that are intimidating and foreign to most people outside the legal system while giving you the advice you need to make wise decisions for your future.

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