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Who is legally responsible for dog bites injury?

Who is legally responsible for dog bites injury?

Undoubtedly, dogs make good house pets and are often referred to as “human’s best friends.” Some dogs are very friendly and serve the homeowners beyond just being pets. However, while dogs can be a treasure, they can also become a safety concern to life and property around them.

In some instances, a dog attack leads to minor dog bite injuries, while in others, the injury sustained could be very severe, permanent, or even death.

The truth is that any dog can attack. Even a docile dog may bite for various reasons, such as when being threatened, their puppies are frightened, etc.

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For whatever reason a dog bites someone, the dog owner is liable for the injury or damage caused by the dog. However, the statute may differ among states. For example, in Illinois, whether or not the dog bites someone on the dog owner’s property, the dog owner is liable for the injury. The Illinois dog bite laws empower the injured to file a dog bite case within two years to make a dog bite injury claims and compensations.

Why should dog attacks be a concern?

A dog attack is a concern because the cases are on the increase and could cause minor or serious harm to the dog bite victim. According to statistics, about 4.5 million dog bite cases occur annually, and a portion of these occur in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

A dog bite can lead to injuries such as puncture wounds, nerve damage, bone fractures, rabies, and other infections that could lead to death without a medical emergency.

Bringing dog attack and dog bite together, what are the responsibilities of the dog owners?

In an instance where the dog attacks someone as a result of the carelessness of the dog owner, the Illinois dog bite law permits the victim to seek compensation from the dog owner, whether the incident happened within or outside the compound.

Also, even in an instance where the dog attacks the victim out of the victim’s carelessness, the law still allows the victim to claim compensation or seek legal services from dog bite attorneys to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Therefore, dog owners need to know the law that imposes liability on them, as it differs from state to state.

Dog Bite Laws and Theories of Liability

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Dog-bite statute

This law states that the dog owner is automatically liable for any injury or property damage caused by a dog, even if the dog was unprovoked. Illinois dog bite law permits this.

Negligence law

This dog bite law permits the injured person to hold responsible the dog owner if he got attacked by the dog due to carelessness and negligence on the part of the dog owner.

One-bite law

Although some states adopt this rule, the dog owner is not held liable if his dog has just bitten someone for the first time. However, suppose the dog had bitten someone before and had been showing a tendency to attack or inflict injury on people. In that case, the law allows the dog owner to be held responsible for any injury or property damage that the dog may cause. However, in Illinois, the state does not adopt this rule. Instead, the Illinois dog bite law permits the victim to hold the dog’s owner responsible even if the dog had bitten someone before or this was the first time.

Measures you can take to prevent dog bites

Having realized how much liability falls on the dog owners when their dogs attack someone or property, it is vital for the dog owners to understand the responsibility that comes with owning a dog and how to ensure their dog does not attack or cause harm to someone or property. The following are preventive measures you can take to prevent dog bites.

  1. Train your dog well

One of a dog owner’s responsibilities is to train the dog properly. Training helps the dog on when to become violent and when not to. For example, when there is a trespasser on the property. That way, it will reduce the dog’s uncontrolled vicious behavior to avoid harm and injury.

  1. Keep away from a dog that is eating or sleeping

Especially members of your household, inform them to stay away when a dog is eating or sleeping. These are two moments when a dog can be more aggressive and ready to attack.

  1. Consult animal professionals

Veterinarians, animal behaviorists, responsible breeders, and so on, can help you decide which breed of dog you should keep at home for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

  1. Socialize your dog

One of the ways to ensure your dogs do not consider attacking anyone on sight is to socialize them. Socializing the dog helps the dog be friendly and reduces violent aggression.

Should I include dog liability in my homeowner’s insurance coverage?

Some insurance companies accept the inclusion of dog liability in homeowner’s insurance coverage and accept a certain premium amount for dog liability. The insurance company would now take responsibility for any harm or damage the dog may cause.

However, if the liability caused by the dog exceeds the premium amount, the insurance company, according to its policy, can exclude itself from such liability.

This is because a single court case won under dog bite can exceed the premium amount. In this case, you may consider purchasing a personal excess liability insurance policy. This insurance policy with broad coverage ultimately protects you against personal liability, in which dog bite is included.

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