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Workplace Injury Debunked by Accident Lawyers [2021]

Workplace injuries or occupational injuries take place due to a wide variety of reasons. Labor statistics note that work-related injuries occur more frequently than one would imagine. While these occupational injuries are less likely to be fatal workplace injuries, it is essential to note that common workplace injuries can have an impact on employees. As such, it is necessary to pay attention to matters related to common workplace injuries and to prioritize occupational safety.

Here is what you need to know about occupational injuries, workplace safety, and how to get ahead in situations where you find yourself in situations related to common workplace injuries.

If you are looking for help with matters related to a work-related injury, ensure to reach out to a professional like Michael J. Brennan today. Let’s start by looking at some of the complexities of a work-related injury and why you need legal advice in some cases.

Learning how to file a workplace injury claim in Chicago can be tricky, to say the least. In addition to understanding the rules of workplace injury insurance, you also need to steer clear of workplace injury myths. Besides being clear on your rights as an employee, you also need to consider your own well-being.

If you are not clear on the regulations or have any issues in comprehending the process, you can walk into a world of problems. When you are in physical or mental pain, dealing with these difficulties is the last thing you need.

By going through the following misconceptions regarding workplace injury claims, you can ensure to simplify the otherwise challenging process. This not only helps you stay away from unnecessary complexities but also gives you the comfort you need while going through a serious injury.



Myth # 1: Workplace Injuries Can Cover Any Health Issues

The term “workplace injury” defines a disease, condition, or injury that is caused due to the job itself. This means that if you have any type of medical issue or accident that is not a direct result of your job or its premises, you may not be able to file for a workplace injury claim. Most workplace injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, which is mandatory in all states but Texas. 

Workers’ compensation insurance allows you to get coverage for expenses such as medical costs and lost wages without having to file a lawsuit against your employer. However, this also means that you are giving up your right to sue your employer even for negligence and wrongdoing. This creates a tricky situation for you and calls for an intensive assessment of the situation.




Myth #2: Workplace Injury Only Refers to Specific Accidents

Workplace injury often refers to conditions that occur due to workplace accidents. But the coverage of this claim is not limited to that particular aspect. For instance, through workers’ compensation insurance, you can also cover your expenses for chronic injuries that occur due to your working conditions. Similarly, if you develop a chronic condition for working under certain situations, you can file your claim as a workplace injury with your employer or bring a lawsuit against them.

The most common types of workplace injury claims arise out of an unsafe environment and defective equipment. By making a note of the different types of conditions that are classified as workplace injuries, you can steer clear of workplace injury myths. For further clarity, you can reach out to your employer or insurance provider to see what types of injuries are covered and what options you may have to file a lawsuit instead.



Myth # 3: Slip and Fall Injuries Are Different From a Workplace Injury


When you have a slip and fall accident at your workplace, it can certainly be classified as a workplace injury and be treated as such. This allows you to either get the benefits of workers’ compensation insurance or sue your employer for further damages. This is important to remember while learning how to file a workplace injury claim in Chicago. 

Since slip and fall injuries can often cause wounds or chronic conditions, many employees feel that their workers’ compensation insurance may not pay them enough for their suffering. If this also holds true in your situation, you can consider your options to file a workplace injury lawsuit for a slip and fall incident. This is especially helpful if your slip and fall accident was brought on by employer negligence.





Myth # 4: Workplace Injuries Strictly Need to Be Filed Through Insurance


Among some of the most common workplace injury myths is that all workplace injuries need to be filed with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. But that is not the truth. You can also review the terms of the insurance policy and then decide to bring the case to court instead. This is helpful in cases where you are not comfortable with what the insurance brings to the table. 


That is where you learn how to file a workplace injury claim in Chicago with the help of an experienced lawyer. By going through the available evidence, offered compensation, and insurance policy terms, you can plan your next step in the light of seasoned advice. Whether you forfeit your right to sue your employer or move forward with filing a lawsuit, your attorney’s suggestions let you make an informed decision.



Myth # 5: Workplay Injury Cases Award Nearly the Same Compensation As Your Insurance


Filing workplace injury claims in the court of law is falsely considered a risky business. It is due to the misconception that the funds you end up getting through your workplace injury lawsuit are going to be around the same level as the original offer by your workers’ compensation insurance. But if you have sufficient evidence, significant reason, and strong legal expertise at hand, you can increase your chances to get a higher amount for your workplace injury lawsuit. 


It’s because workers’ compensation insurance only allows you to obtain a certain percentage of funds in terms of covering your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs.  Once this limit runs out, you are unable to benefit from workers’ compensation insurance anymore. On the other hand, filing a workplace injury lawsuit can help you obtain higher compensation. As long as you have a strong case and representation, you can confidently take this route. 



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