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Those who hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) make their living by operating a vehicle. Traffic violations can limit, if not prohibit, one’s ability to make a living. This is why it is important for commercial vehicle operators to take traffic tickets very seriously. Hiring a lawyer to assist you in traffic related matters can help to ensure your livelihood. Our Chicago traffic attorney assists those who need help defending CDL violations in Cook County or elsewhere in Illinois. Contact our Orland Park office today to speak with a lawyer.

Issues which impact one’s career are stressful enough. CDL holders should not have the additional worry of receiving poor representation. Michael strives to provide the highest level of service in every case our office handles. He promptly returns phone calls, quickly responds to emails, and makes himself available to answer any questions you may have. He also regularly provides clients with his cell phone number which ensures that you can reach him when you need to. This is our promise to you.


Traffic infractions can have a serious impact on a commercial driver’s career. Under Illinois law one is prohibited from operating a commercial vehicle if they are convicted of two “serious violations” in a three year period or, under certain circumstances, three convictions within a three year period. Serious violations include a speeding ticket in which one was driving by at least 15 miles per hour over the limit, reckless driving, lane change violations, engaging in distracted driving, or following too closely. If, after you receive such a ticket, you simply mail in payment then you will be considered to have committed the infraction. This is just one reason why CDL holders should contact an attorney immediately after receiving a moving violation.


Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago lawyer assisting CDL operators at risk of losing their license. Once retained Michael will immediately obtain the relevant documents and will enter a “not guilty” plea if one is feasible. A former prosecutor, Michael is familiar with the Court’s processes in such cases and will work with the prosecution to reach a resolution which lessens or eliminates the impact on your license. If a resolution cannot be reached then he will take steps to fight the ticket with an effort to win an outright dismissal. You are facing a risk to your career and you need an attorney who takes such matters seriously. Contact our office today.

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