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Chicago Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding and traffic tickets often seem trivial when compared to other issues which arise. Such matters, however, can result in fines, the suspension of your driving privileges, as well as other penalties. Retaining an attorney can assist you in missing additional time from work, assist you with possibly paying a reduced fine, and may also assist you with having fewer points counted against your license. Our Chicago attorney handles speeding tickets as well as other traffic infractions. Call our Orland Park office today to speak with a lawyer.

Illinois is a state visited by many non-residents. Unfortunately these people sometimes receive a traffic ticket while visiting our beautiful state. It goes without saying that it may not be feasible for one to leave their home area to deal with such a matter. Our attorney assists those who were cited for a violation while visiting our area. If you find yourself in such a situation then contact our office today so we may help you reach a resolution.


A traffic ticket can have a financial and burdensome impact on your life. If you received a ticket against your commercial driver’s license then you may find yourself facing difficulty with your job. Some tickets will require that you make a court appearance while some do not. Those requiring your presence include misdemeanors such as driving without insurance, infractions which result in injury to another, violations of the Child Passenger Protection Act, or instances where the minimum fine is greater than $95. Hiring an attorney can assist you in reaching a better resolution, if not beating the ticket outright.


Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago lawyer handling traffic and speeding tickets throughout Cook County and elsewhere in Illinois. In addition to misdemeanor tickets, which are considered criminal in nature, Michael handles matters involving speeding, failing to signal, illegal lane changes, failure to stop at an intersection, distracted driving, and equipment violations such as a broken tail light. If justified by the facts he will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf and fight for a better resolution, if not a dismissal of the ticket. Michael is a former prosecutor with the State’s Attorney’s office and is familiar with court room procedures. His goal is to put you in as good a position as possible. Call our office today.

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