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Stone Manor – Homer Glen, IL

Stone Manor – Homer Glen, IL

Homer Township is a cultural attraction in Will County, Ilinois, tucked between Lockport, Lemont, and Orland Park. 


Township comprises Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena, and Lemont. It is one of the best places in Illinois to live in, with a low crime rate, plenty of space for outdoor activities, friendly neighborhoods, and easy access to recreational amenities. 


Its cultural attractions, especially the parks and public library, are worth your time as you traverse through Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The most famous parks that have given Illinois its current tourist destination status include Yangas Park, Town Center Park, Culver Park, Lamers Park, Sendra Park, Morris Park, and Goreham Park. 


The Homer Township government manages all these facilities. Homer Township. (n.d). However, Gorham Park is a unique site as it is both listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a historic area of significance and a private residence.


A Brief History Of The Stone Manor

In 1830, Will County, and home to Homer Glen, Illinois, started attracting settlers interested in establishing farms in this lumber-rich County. Many of the pioneers did great exploits, including John Lane, who made the first steel plow on his farm. 


Homer Township. (n.d). In 1863, Elijah D. Gorham bought the 400-acre land in Homer Glen and turned it into a farm. As he started constructing his historical residence, now known as the Stone Manor, he exchanged timber from his farm with quarry mining from the inmates at the Joliet State Penitentiary. 


The residence derives its name from the primary material on which it is built, Joliet limestone. Limestone was a very popular construction material back then and is the same material used to make the Illinois State Capitol.


Stone Manor Ownership

Since 1865, the Stone Manor historic residence has changed ownership twice. After the initial owner, Gorham, died in 1906, his widow sold the property to the Frazer family. This is why the famous site is commonly known as Gorham-Frazer farmhouse. 


The Frazers’ owned the property until 1977. In 1980 the National Park Service listed it on the National Register of Historic Places. Later, Mark and Pat Muehler bought the property, and so it remains a private residence to date. 


Pat Muehler runs her real estate and historic restoration companies, HB&D Realtors, and Country Manor Builders from the landmark residence.


Stone Manor Historic Residence

The National Registry lists the Stone Manor as a place of historical significance due to its architecture. The two-story building features a unique Italianate architecture that was a popular construction design during the times of Gorham and Frazer. 


The house measures 26 by 40 feet, with a rear addition measuring 18 by 33 feet. An extra cupola measuring nine by 10 feet and an attic are also part of the building.


Sitting on a limestone basement, it has arched windows and ornate wood trim that brings out its beauty. There are six rooms on the first floor while the second floor has five rooms. The house maintains its structure and most of the features to date, save for a few renovations. 


For instance, the wood trimmings, limestone exterior remain. However, the windows no longer have shutters, and the original shingles have been replaced with asphalt. 


You can find the structural drawing of the house is in the Combination Atlas Map of Will County of 1873, whereas the building is located on 13044 Chicago-Bloomington Trail, Illinois.


You can find the drawing and directions to the location on the web. If you cannot find it, use the navigation menu personal tools to view the hidden categories. If you are planning to visit, you need to contact the Homer Glen government for additional terms.


Why Visit The Stone Manor In Illinois?

Whether you are a history student or not, visiting the Stone Manor is a worthy investment. 


Not only do you get the opportunity to appreciate the historic Italianate architecture, but also to interact with the historic site’s current owners to learn a thing or two about cultural renovations. 


Additionally, you get the opportunity to interact with the local culture and nature in other tourist sites such as:


  • Homer Township public library
  • Messenger Woods nature preserve
  • Yang Park
  • Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest
  • Konow’s Corn Maze
  • Sagawa Environmental Learning Center


What are you waiting for? Pack your best hiking clothes and start planning your tour of Homer Glen village today.


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