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The Law Offices of Michael J. Brennan near Mokena, Illinois, provides:

  • Experienced and highly skilled representation for personal injury and criminal defense cases, dedicated to representing residents of the Mokena, IL Area.
  • Reliable legal services. Since the firm was established three decades ago, our attorneys have developed a solid reputation for defending clients and protecting their rights.
  • Prior to establishing a criminal defense and personal injury law practice, Michael worked as an Assistant State Attorney at the Cook County State Attorney’s Office.
  • Our personal touch ensures that all of your questions are addressed immediately.

The Mokena Personal Injury Cases We Take On At Our Law Firm

No one expects to be injured, especially while doing something as mundane as walking on the street, shopping for groceries, or driving a car. Unfortunately, every day, hundreds of people suffered injuries in the Mokena area as a result of other people’s negligence. Those injuries can occur as a result of:

A Brief Overview of these Personal Injury Cases

Here is a brief overview of the types of cases our personal injury lawyers will take on while serving Mokena residents.

Car Accidents

Car accidents might be common, but they are highly stressful, damaging, and life-threatening in some cases. If you have sustained noticeable injuries in an auto accident, you can sue the person at fault to recover damages for your traumatic experience. 

After reviewing your case, collating evidence, and doing a thorough analysis, our Mokena personal injury lawyer can help you seek damages for medical expenses, lost income, as well as pain and suffering. This can support you through your recovery phase without bearing undue costs. 

Truck Accidents

Whenever you are at the other end of a truck accident, you are prone to sustaining major injuries. In some situations, they can even lead to permanent disability that renders you rethink the future path of your life. 

To make sure that you are able to recover through this ordeal, our seasoned attorneys can analyze all relevant aspects of your case. This helps us bring a strong legal argument to sue the other party for damages. In turn, you can recover your financial loss to get back on your feet. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are widespread. But they are still quite significant in terms of the damage they incur. To make sure that you are able to sue the other party for damages, you can contact a Mokena personal injury lawyer for a personal consultation. 

With a thorough assessment of your case and its related evidence, our attorneys can help you determine if your lawsuit holds any weight. This helps you move forward with suing the person at fault to recover various types of damages. 

Dog Bites

Petting a friendly dog can be one of the most delightful experiences on an ordinary day. But some dogs are far from being amiable. If you sustain dog bite injuries, they can sometimes lead to serious complications as well as loss of income from your work. 

By hiring our personal injury legal team, you can navigate the intricacies of this practice with the help of specialized experts. This makes sure that you can use the legal protections you have available to sue the pet owners at fault. 

Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries are more common than you may think. Sometimes, they can also inflict serious damages such as spinal, arm, wrist, leg, or ankle injuries. In case you experience such an accident, you can reach out to our Mokena personal injury lawyer to discuss the details of your case. 

After careful assessment of the details, we can file a lawsuit to help you seek all relevant damages from the property owner. Our experienced lawyers are here to help you navigate the difficult process of dealing with personal injury cases.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs due to negligence, ignorance, or simple mishandling of a case by a medical professional. This can often lead to serious injuries or lifelong complications. In order to cope with these difficulties, you can file a lawsuit against the medical professional to seek damages.

With the support of our experienced attorneys, you can easily learn whether your case has the strength to go through legal proceedings. We also ensure to collect the required evidence through legal means in order to provide strong representation to you.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits are highly complex and emotionally exhausting. While financial compensation cannot return your loved ones, it can help you cope with their absence and the financial difficulties that you have to face without them. That is why reaching out to a Mokena personal injury lawyer is important for those who are going through this difficult situation. 

By looking at the details of your case and making detailed assessments, our legal team can guide you through all the intricacies. This helps you recover relevant damages without bringing any undue stress to the table.

In each of the above cases, victims are at risk of suffering serious physical injuries, mental trauma and anguish, and severe financial distress. In each of the above cases, our attorneys can help.

Work with Our Personal Injury Lawyers

When you call a personal injury attorney at the Offices of Michael J. Brennan, you are getting in touch with a lawyer who has years of experience, helping persons like you recover damages for their losses. Our attorneys will get to work immediately, obtaining all relevant reports including police reports, going through your medical records, and building a substantial case for you.

Remember, you will need evidence of your damages as well as evidence of the other party’s liability in order to recover the damages that you are claiming. To that extent, our attorneys will seek out witnesses to the accident to help build a strong case for you and will negotiate with insurers to make sure that you receive the fair compensation that you deserve.

If negotiations with insurers do not yield favorable results, our attorneys will not hesitate to go to trial for you. Compensation can include not just damages for your medical expenses, lost income, future lost income, and disability, but also compensation for mental anguish, pain, and suffering. Our office also provides criminal defense attorneys for Mokena, IL residents as well.


Michael J. Brennan established his law practice in 1995, with the goal of providing legal services to residents of the greater Chicago area, including the Mokena region. Prior to establishing a criminal defense and personal injury law practice, he worked as an Assistant State Attorney at the Cook County State Attorney’s Office. This experience working with a prosecutorial team has helped Michael understand how prosecutors investigate cases and the types of actions that they’re likely to take in criminal defense cases. It has given him the kind of insight that would not have been available to someone without this experience.

Michael prides himself on his personal touch-he ensures that all of your questions are addressed immediately and that you are frequently informed about all of the updates in your case. He provides clients with his personal cell phone number to contact him in case of any questions or concerns and makes sure that clients have the peace of mind that they need to get them through this difficult time, while he focuses on all the legal challenges on their behalf.


If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, or a loved one has died, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the party responsible for your injuries, including another person, company, government agency, or entity. Our Mokena, Illinois personal injury attorney offers a free consultation.

To schedule your case evaluation with one of our experienced attorneys, call us today at 708-460-9300. You may also fill out our contact form and our attorney will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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