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Our Highly Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Will Ensure You Get Fair Compensation for All Kinds of Personal Injuries


Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. In many cases, accidents happen out of negligence or the actions of another person. And as the victim, bodily injuries resulting from an accident can change your life dramatically, affecting your professional, familial, or even social life.  

If you’ve sustained an injury as a result of someone’s negligence, our trusted and reliable personal injury lawyers can guide you through the process of preparing and filing a claim successfully. 

Our law firm will walk with you throughout the process of following up with your compensation until you get what you rightfully deserve. We’ve worked on thousands of personal injury and accidents cases since we opened our law offices in Orland Hills, IL in 1995. So, rest assured that our personal injury firm has experience with injury-related laws in Orland Hills, Illinois. 

Why Choose Michael J. Brennan to Represent You in Your Personal Injury Litigation?

You have probably seen dozens of law firms claiming to offer the best personal injury litigation help. So, why pick our Orland Hills personal injury lawyer? What makes our law firm your best choice for your case? 


20+ Years of Experience in This Practice Area

As a personal injury law firm, we have more than two decades worth of experience in personal injuries and accidents. As collective experts, we bring more than a century of experience to the table. So, you can trust that we have handled all kinds of personal injury cases. 


Dedicated and Aggressive in Pursuing Our Client Interests

Once personal injury lawyers from our law firm take up your case, you can be sure that we will dedicate our time, resources, and expertise to make sure you get the compensation you truly deserve. We pursue clients’ personal injury claims with zeal and 100% dedication. 


A Reputation of Winning Personal Injury Cases 

Our personal injury firm has set a remarkable track record in our decades of practice. Our personal injury lawyers have won hundreds of cases for injury victims from all kinds of work and life backgrounds. You can trust that our law firm will do the best to win your personal injury case too. 

What Will Our Personal Injury Lawyers Do for You?  

Whether your personal injury case eventually settles, as many do, or proceeds to trial, a personal injury attorney from our law firm will always fight to get you the best possible outcome. 

Understandably, personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis, which essentially means that our lawyer does not recover fees for representing you unless you receive rightful compensation from the at-fault party. 

Here is how the typical process is when you work with our personal injury lawyers during typical personal injury cases: 



The first thing personal injury lawyers from our law offices will do is to gather as much information as possible about your personal injury case. This includes details such as:

  • Witness statements
  • Photographs
  • Official government report
  • Medical bills
  • Medical treatment history
  • Police reports
  • Surveillance footage



Initial Demand

Next, our personal injury lawyers will make a demand to the insurer of the liable party. For example, if it’s a car accident, our legal practice contacts the at-fault driver’s car insurance company.


Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injury claims begin with filing a complaint. The defendant will then file a response to your complaint. After that, the following happens:

  • Discovery: It’s the stage where both sides exchange information that might serve as evidence during the personal injury trial.
  • Setting the trial: Your personal injury attorney may file various pre-trial motions for various reasons such as trying to bar the defendant from using a piece of evidence during a trial. Note, it’s quite rare for a personal injury lawsuit to get to the trial stage in Orland, IL. Settlement is possible at any time during this process, including right up to or even during trial.


Obtaining a Legal Recovery

Whether you obtain a settlement or win the trial, our personal injury lawyers will make all the necessary arrangements to collect the compensation paid by the defendant.


Have a Personal Injury Claim? Give Michael J. Brennan’s Personal Injury Lawyers a Call

Suffering an injury can leave you with lasting consequences, such as financially burdening medical bills, lost wages, and even pain that affects your overall quality of life. 

If another person causes such an injury to you, it’s advisable to seek legal representation from one of our personal injury lawyers to get the compensation you deserve. For legal advice, feel free to get in touch with the Michael J. Brennan personal injury law firm in Orland Hills, IL, on 708-894-1611 for a free consultation and case review.




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