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Orland Hills Personal Injury Lawyer

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you call a personal injury lawyer at the Offices of Michael J. Brennan, you are assured of a reputed professional who has years of experience, representing persons in personal injury claims, and recovering compensation for clients.

We will get to work as soon as you hire us to understand all the details of your case. We do that by obtaining all of your investigation records, including the medical reports as well as police reports of the accident. If there are witnesses to your accident who can testify on your behalf, we will locate and identify them. We will get in touch with your insurance company, and file a claim for damages. If there are other parties that are also liable in your claim, we will consider naming them in a personal injury claim in order to maximize the amount of damages that you can recover.


Approximately 50% of all personal injury cases involve motor vehicle accidents. It’s not hard to understand why. With the hundreds of thousands of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians vying for space on our streets and highways, the risk of an accident is very high. Often, however, accidents are caused as a result of negligence, and when you are involved in an accident caused by another’s negligence, you may be eligible for a claim to recover compensation for your losses.

The Orland Hills personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael J. Brennan represent persons who have suffered injuries as a result of negligence in the following types of claims:

The time after an injury is an extremely stressful one, not only for the injured victims, but also for their families. There are medical expenses to take care of, and medical care to obtain. There are police investigations to participate in, and employers and colleagues to notify about your hospitalization. All of this can take a tremendous toll on a person’s health and mental state of mind, and the trauma is made worse by the fact that this is also an extremely financially stressful time.


Our Orland Hills Criminal defense attorneys offer skilled, experienced and compassionate criminal defense services to persons in the Orland Hills area and across the state. We provide criminal defense services to clients charged with federal and state crimes, felonies or misdemeanors. Our attorneys typically deal with the following types of cases:


Michael J. Brennan established his law firm in 1995, and since then, has developed a stellar reputation across the state for the most reliable and experienced personal injury and criminal defense services. As a criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Brennan draws upon his experience from his days as an Assistant State Attorney at the Cook County State Attorney’s Office.  During his stint at the Cook County State Attorney’s Office, Michael represented the State of Illinois in several criminal cases, and that experience has provided him deep and critical insights that he frequently draws upon while defending clients.

Whether you are under arrest for DUI, or are under a federal crime investigation, whether you are looking at filing a simple auto accident claim, or seeking compensation to the tune of millions of dollars for a catastrophic injury, Michael is available to deliver the personal touch and compassionate service that you require during this stressful time.

Our Orland Hills attorneys understand that is a traumatic time for you, and will make sure that all of your questions are answered immediately in order to ensure peace of mind for you. Michael takes a deep personal interest in every case that he takes on, and even makes his cell phone number available to clients, ensuring that he is accessible whenever they need to talk to him.

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