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Misdemeanor DUI

People who are otherwise responsible sometimes get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The fact of the matter is that it only takes one mistake to have your license suspended, to receive a jail sentence, to suffer fines, and to acquire a criminal record. Our Chicago misdemeanor DUI attorney represents those who have made a mistake and require legal representation. Contact our Orland Park office today to speak with a criminal defense lawyer.

Misdemeanor DUI cases are heard in the Municipal Court. A trial date will be set after an initial arraignment. Your attorney will be provided with arrest reports, toxicology reports, etc. If the police officers stopped your car without probable cause to do so then it may be possible to have the case dismissed. Also, in cases of driving under the influence there may be issues stemming from the mishandling of evidence, law enforcement’s failure to properly calibrate their equipment, or other errors made during the process. Such issues can lead to evidence being inadmissible in Court and the matter being dismissed. These can be complicated matters and it is crucial that you retain an attorney to represent you.

Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago DUI lawyer representing those who have been charged with a first or second offense misdemeanor. He will immediately acquire all evidence relating to your arrest. If the police violated your rights during the stop (such as stopping you for a traffic infraction which, in fact, was legal) then he will file a Motion to have all evidence of DUI excluded. He will also challenge all handling of evidence, calibration of testing devices, and qualifications of professionals who tested your blood. Michael is a former prosecutor and will ensure that your case is seen through to completion. Contact our attorney today.

Michael is a former prosecutor for the State’s Attorney’s office. He has taken many cases to trial and will not hesitate to challenge the practices of law enforcement. He also prides himself on the highest level of service. He keeps in contact with his clients by quickly returning phone calls, providing his personal cell number, and making himself available to answer any questions you may have. This is our promise to each of our clients. Contact us today.


It is a crime to drive with a blood alcohol content level (BAC) of more .08 percent. Being arrested for a first offense will result in a Class A misdemeanor with a minimum sentence of five days and a maximum sentence of one year and a potential fine of $2,500. A second offense will carry a five day minimum sentence. If children were in the car then the driver faces additional jail time and fines. A third conviction will be considered “aggravated” or a felony DUI. These criminal penalties are on top of the minimum one year driver’s license suspension.


Michael J. Brennan is a Chicago DUI lawyer representing those accused of driving drunk. Michael will immediately obtain the evidence against you. This will include police reports, blood test results, and other scientific evidence gathered by the police. If there is a basis to challenge your arrest then Michael will file the appropriate Motions. He will challenge the officers at an evidentiary hearing and ensure that your rights are protected. If necessary he will work to reach the best plea resolution possible so that you may avoid trial. You are facing a serious situation and Michael will take it seriously. Speak with our attorney today by calling (312) 379-9270 or click “Contact Us” below to send an email.

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